Wireless Network at the University of Alicante

The UA's wireless network (eduroam) is an extension of the local network, available in 99% of the Campus of San Vicente.

Eduroam (education roaming) is an international project the University of Alicante takes part in whose aim is to create a single WiFi space to make wireless internet access possible and easy in all of the project's partner institutions.

You can set it up using the configuration instructions and programmes available. Click here for assistance and support.



30 july 2021

Finaliza la asistencia técnica Wi-Fi ofrecida en diversos puntos del Campus

Para obtener asistencia técnica, solucionar dudas o realizar sugerencias sobre la red Wi-Fi de la UA, puedes mandarnos un correo a wireless@ua.es o contactar telefónicamente con la extensión 9393 (CAU).

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