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Wireless Network at the University of Alicante

The UA's wireless network (eduroam) is an extension of the local network, available in 99% of the Campus of San Vicente.

Eduroam (Educational Roaming) is an international project the University of Alicante takes part in whose aim is to create a single WiFi space to make wireless internet access possible and easy in all of the project's partner institutions.

You can set it up using the configuration instructions and programmes available. Click here for assistance and support.



Modificación tutorial iOS

Se modifica el tutorial de iOS para incluir un paso añadido en la versión 12.2

Cambio de contraseña Wifi

Se añaden tutoriales para cambiar la contraseña Wifi de eduroam en diferentes dispositivos.

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Instrucciones de configuración de la red inalámbrica de la UA

eduroam para las versiones de Android 7, 8 y 9.

Fin de servicio red inalámbrica en Windows XP y Vista

A partir del 22 de noviembre de 2017, los dispositivos con Windows XP y Windows Vista no podrán seguir utilizando la red inalámbrica eduroam en la Universidad de Alicante.


Esto es debido a que dichos sistemas operativos han quedado obsoletos y no soportan los nuevos algoritmos de seguridad.

Change certified eduroam

El servicio de autenticación de eduroam de la Universidad de Alicante requiere actualizar el certificado de conexión a la red inalámbrica.


Con fecha 18 de julio de 2016, se ha sustituido el certificado CA inal09 por inal16. Los dispositivos (portátil, móvil, tablet, etc.) que no estén actualizados con el nuevo certificado, darán error al conectarse a la red inalámbrica.



Si tiene algún problema o necesita más información, envíe un mensaje a

The UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Android 4.4 and 5 using eduroam CAT app

The UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Android 5

The UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Chromebook

The UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Windows Phone 8.1.

Problem to install the CA certificate Wi-Fi Android 4.3

Sometimes, from Android 4.3, installing Certificate UA wifi, the device requires a password for "credential storage". The Android device itself generates this password and is unknown.

In this case, to be able to install the certificate, you must first access settings  → Security → screen lock and select a Pin or password.

Once configured a secure screen lock method, you can install the certified wifi without problems.


  • If after the certificate is installed, you change screen lock mode, previously installed certificate will not be valid and you will have to install it again and select eduroam configuration.
  • We have found that on certain occasions the pattern is Yes accepted to install the certificate.
Clone mobiles

The emergence of a large number of manufacturers of clone mobile phones has resulted in many of them not meeting the standards. 

This may not cause problems in home wifi connections, but it will certainly hinder connectivity in company networks such as the University's. Therefore, these phones may experience navigation and connectivity problems or not work at all with the University of Alicante's wireless network. 

Technical support will not be available for these types of devices. 


Eduroam installer for Android

No Android applications are officially involved in the eduroam project as of today, so for security reasons we recommend you not to use them. 

UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Windows Phone 8.

UA wireless network setup application

eduroam for Windows 8. The setup utility now supports Windows 8.

UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Android 4

Problem with BlackBerry SO 7

BlackBerry Curve 9360, Curve 9380 and Bold 9790 models do not currently work with eduroam. BlackBerry is aware of the problem and it should be resolved with future updates of the operating system.

More information on the BlackBerry website.

10 years of eduroam

Today marks 10 years since May 30, 2002, the date on which Klaas Wierenga sent a proposal for testing to allow roaming of users of the academic community and international research.

Press release of RedIRIS:

Article on the blog of eduroam:

International press (GEANT and Terena) Note:

ZTE Skate Mobile (Orange Monte Carlo) incompatible with UA's Wi-Fi

An incompatibility between ZTE SKATE mobile phone (also marketed by Orange under the name Orange Monte Carlo) and the UA wireless network has been detected.

eduroam will not be available for users of this model at the University of Alicante.

UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Windows Phone 7.

Recommended upgrade

Users of Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3.3 should upgrade their operating system before using eduroam.

UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad using an automatic setup profile .

With this profile, eduroam configuration in iOS devices is reduced to a few clicks. 


Instructions for UA wireless network setup

eduroam for Windows using a setup utility.

UA wireless network setup instructions

eduroam for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion 10.8 Mountain Lion .



Computer service Network of the University of Alicante's wireless

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