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Recomendaciones para el mantenimiento de tus archivos de Vértice

Ante el crecimiento de los archivos almacenados en Vértice, hemos detectado que sería muy conveniente que, como usuarios de nuestro servicio, se revisasen los contenidos que se tienen almacenados para una mejor catalogación y accesibilidad a los usuarios.

A vertex 3 rd course on the global front of iTUnesU

The March 19 a course of the AU made videos type PUA ("Course on Python for scientists and engineers" by Juan Luis Cano) peaked at 3rd in the "TOP courses" on the global front of iTunesU. iTunesU is the website that Apple has developed to disseminate materials free of a large number of universities and higher education around the world. The University of Alicante offers content through this portal since 2010.

New acts online emissions management system

It has launched is a new system for managing retransmissions acts (streaming video) online. From now on, the management of emissions per a user's Internet will take place from the Virtual Campus, vertextool. Vertex has a new live broadcast Manager from which the user can request the issuance of a live Act, modify a request already made information, consult the State of your relay and at the end of the relay, see viewing statistics or history of all their retransmiones.

Creation of courses and collections in Vertice

A new feature that allows you to group video (or audio) that share a same theme in order to create collections or courses added to vertex. Materials that are part of a collection or course can longer manage independently but using this new functionality can also be handled in block.  In this way we can assign meta-information (title, image, summary, keywords, links, etc.) block to the entire course or collection and the same way can be to block publication of the entire course or collection.

Organize your videos with tags

Now available the new functionality of vertex for the Organization of the multimedia materials through tags.

It is possible to create custom tags to attach a text and a color to identify them quickly at a glance. In addition, with this new feature you can vary the visibility of a package, simply by changing the visibility of the label common to them.

Available version management

Vertex has a management system versions that allows grouped all possible variations of a video. Thus, when viewing a video, we can access quickly and easily to all 7.x versions (in another language, with another quality, etc.)

video edition now available

The functionality of Basic Edition which allows extraction or removal of a fragment of a video by vertex operations has been added. Visit to view the user guide.
These features were added to others in the future such as titling, superposition of logos, picture in picture, fades, etc.

Modification of the conditions for the codification of audiovisual material

Changed the conditions that the user agrees to be able to encode an audiovisual material. Added a seventh point calling that if material to encode are people that are not us or materials which are not ours, we must have the appropriate signed permission.

Please check these conditions again either through vertex (is the link that accompanies the button "I accept the conditions listed in this web site") either through this web site: conditions of codification



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