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iUA: Application of the UA for mobile devices

Demand for electronic resources of the University of Alicante are accessible from mobile devices is growing. To meet this demand of the University community is has launched a project to allow access to electronic services from different devices and platforms. The first phase of this project has been in development applicationiUA, which is now available in the Apple Store so that you can access from your mobile services.


Problems with synchronization of schedules?

If you find that not are synchronizing you schedules, it is possible to pass you the following:

With changes in iOS, it is now necessary to give permission to the iUA application so that you can access your calendar to synchronize schedules.

To enable access to calendars to our application, you must go to your device settings, the privacy option and calendars. There should appear the iUA application and should appear as enabled access. If it is not enabled, you must enable it.

Once this change try to resynchronize.

Great start of course

AU mobile applications are downloading at a good pace, what causes that our application is at the top of the category in the App Store and Google Play education.

We hope to send us all the ideas to improve that you happen to.

Updated app for Android

Updated implementation of the Ua for Android devices. This update fixed a bug that existed in the cover of the application to have it in landscape format and not allowing arranzar the application for devices with this provision by default. He has also tried to improve downloading materials to make it work in a greater number of devices. Also added the module controls the profile of students so they can see the controls assigned by the faculty as well as ratings and comments that get.

New version of the Android application

The computing service just updated the version of the mobile app for Android devices.

Problems or suggestions about the iPhone app

Send us your problems or suggestions about the mobile app of the AU to try to improve it.

Together we will make a great product.

Updated version of iUA to the 3.01

IUA application has been updated to fix the problem with record notes

New version of iUA

The new version of the iUA for iPhone, iPod and iPad application is now available. You can download it from the App Store or taking advantage of upgrade if you have a previous version installed.

iUA: problem with synchronization of the schedule at iOS6

It has detected a problem with the synchronization schedule with the new version of iOS (version 6.0 or higher). Now, Apple exique that validates access to calendar information with the user in a different way to what was happening with the previous systems, so it will not be possible to synchronize schedules until you publish the new version of iUA.

From the computing service we apologize for any inconvenience and thank all those users that they indicated the problem through the suggestions box.

Added the video of how materials are updated

The refreshment of materials is a very expensive operation, so it only launches automatically if it detects that there is no material on the subject. Once we have detected that there is already material, only again to be updated at the request of the user moving the list down until "firing" the option "Refresh". Thus, if you want to consult one of the materials that you have already downloaded not you'll have to wait to update the materials.

New version of the application for iPhone (version 2.3) iUA

On Friday Apple accepted the new update of the application iUA (version 2.3) for iOS devices.

Two new modules have been added to the Virtual Campus:

  • Controls: where students may consult controls that has pending or those who have already passed.
  • Links of interest: this module is both the students and faculty profile and allows access to the links of interest published teacher of the subject.

Since the computing service we hope you will like the improvements and that you continue making us suggestions to improve the application.

Problem "No found profiles for this user" on Android

We have found that in certain cases when trying to enter Virtual Campus from the UA Android application the message "No profiles for this user found".

The way to solve this problem is to change form (login and password) by other any data, even if they are incorrect, try to enter, and after obtaining an authentication error re-enter the correct data. With this it should work correctly.

We are working to solve this problem in future updates.

The implementation of the au mobile in the Android Market

The implementation of the University for Android phones currently occupies the 28 position among the most downloaded free educational applications.

We hope to continue to improve the implementation to improve the current position.

Frequently asked questions

It has created a section on the website of the application for mobile of the University with the most frequent questions that we realizais. If you have any questions, go through section if it is already answered. Otherwise, do not hesitate to use the form to send us a suggestion or any doubts that you have.

Updated the application for Android phones

The version to modify the way that enters Virtual Campushas been updated.

Here are the steps to update the application to the latest version:

1. Enter the Android Market application.

2 Press the "Menu" key and access "Unloaded".

3 A list of the installed applications, and there will be an update available in au. We must press on it to go to the tab of the UA application, and on that tab click the "Update" button so that you perform the upgrade.

Depending on the configuration of the mobile phone is possible that in some cases the upgrade is carried out automatically.

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