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Standards for local wireless networks departmental

The University of Alicante wants to remain as a pioneer of the use of information and communication technologies. With the aim of assuring the university community a better and wider access to the University of Alicante's services via the Internet (Corporate Web Site, Library, e-mail, OnLine University, etc.), our university started the first phase of wireless networking a year ago. This network allows access to these services by portable computers from all on-campus sites covered by this network (Lecture Rooms Building no. 2, some areas of the Polytechnic University College I, reading rooms at the General Library, Social Club I, the area comprising the General Library, the University Council & Administration Building and the Lecture Rooms Building no. 2 and the "Bosque Ilustrado").[nbsp). A second tender is being announced to complete the second phase, covering the following areas: Departmental Libraries of Law, Economics, Education and Sciences (Social Club no. 2, Lecture Buildings no. 2 and 3 and Polytechnic University College (IV). (1)

In parallel with such actions, some departments and/or research groups have proceeded to install their own local wireless networks recently. It seems convenient that the University of Alicante authorize the installation of these networks within the campus, provided they do not cause any security problem by covering areas outside our campus.

Within these aims, the following regulations on local wireless networks have been proposed:

Article 1. 
Whenever a need for installing wireless networks in any building arises, this should be reported to the Office of the Vice-President for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure & Services, from where actions to integrate wireless networks will be taken in future phases. (2)

Article 2. 
The University Computing Service will create an entry where authorized local wireless networks and the application for new networks will be registered. By doing so, all technical features as well as the information on their administrators and technical staff will be registered.

Article 3. 
1.- When a research group, department or any other university unit wants to install a wireless network, they should submit the corresponding application to the Vice-President for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure & Services, who will report it to the University Computing Service, in charge of the supervision of all technical features.

2.- The Vice President will authorize the installation of those local wireless networks applied for unless they do not meet the technical requirements for security reasons or their coverage exceeds on-campus limits.

Article 4. 
1.- If due to the nature of the work to be performed with the wireless network applied for, the University network is not suitable, the local network should be installed totally disconnected to the University general network.

2.- If the applied local wireless network were connected to the University general network, all mechanisms for admission control and encryption codes should be activated to guarantee the network's security.

3.- the local wireless network should be turned off when it is not in use.

4.- the power of local wireless network antennas should be controlled so that the local network coverage does not exceed the campus limits.

Temporary Provision:
Already existing local wireless networks should be adapted to these regulations before 31 December, 2003.

Registration of departmental wireless networks

1) This phase was finished in February 2001 and we are currently enlarging the network through all the Campus.

(2) The Office of the Vice President responsible for this affair is currently that for Technology & Educational Innovation.

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