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eduroam at the University of Alicante

eduroam (Educational Roaming) is an international project involving the University of Alicante, which seeks to create a single WiFi space enabling wireless access to the Internet easily when carrying out a move to an institution associated with the project.

Politics of Mobility of the initiative eduroam ES

· Introduction to eduroam
· User of the UA that goes to another institution and need to eduroam
· User from another institution that comes to the UA and need eduroam

Introduction to eduroam

The objective of this initiative is to facilitate the mobility of the University community between the different participating organizations.

That is a member of our University community can connect to another organization belonging to the eduroam wireless network (provided that it complies with certain requirements), only with the authentication provided in our University and vice versa.

The Australian academic network, AARNET, has created a video explaining what is eduroam:

The following requirements must be met to be able to connect to this network:

· WPA2/AES-compatible device (it is possible that it is necessary to update the firmware or drivers for this facility).

· The operating system must support WPA2, otherwise will require the external to the operating system software.

You can find information from the partner institutions in:
Europe and Australia

Eduroam configuration parameters

    • Authentication types supported: PEAPv0 + MSCHAPv2
    • Of the server certificate issuer:
    • Link for installation of certificate chain: Click here to download it
    • Name of the certificate server to check:

Support for users of the institution information:

Support for visiting users information: Support is provided to the extent possible to visiting users who come from other organizations in eduroam.


User of the UA that goes to another institution and need to eduroam

Politics of Mobility of the initiative eduroam ES

Any user of the UA that is going to transfer to another institution must do the following checks and take into account the following reminders, which will be useful once is at your destination.

1 connection. The first step is, before anything, connect to the wireless network of the UA successfully. If you do not connect at the UA, you can do it nor in another organization. Here can return to the wireless network settings pages at the UA.

2 encryption. The UA wireless network uses WPA2/AES. Make sure that, while at another organization method of encryption used in your computer is allowed in this organization.

3. method of access and SSID. The UA access method is 802. 1 x. The UA wireless network configuration uses that method of access, which is the best, the majority and the recommended. However there are organizations, although less and less, which have other ways to access more older and less reliable. These organizations our users not may be connected.

4. the SSID (wireless network name) of the AU is eduroam. There are organizations that have a different SSID to access eduroam or you have multiple SSIDs for multiple modes of access. You should always choose the 802.1 x for eduroam SSID. You can obtain these data on the pages of and

Finally, we advise you to consult the documentation for wireless networks that the target institution publishes on its website to verify they are welcomed to the initiative, if they have 802.1 x mode, which is their SSID, know in which buildings have coverage, contact numbers, and any other information of interest.

See also the pages of the national eduroam initiative and the international initiative eduroam.

User from another institution that comes to the UA and need eduroam

The University of Alicante belongs to the eduroam initiative, and allows access to your wireless network users in any organization affiliated to the eduroam initiative, according to the eduroam policy, and standards of acceptable use and security of the network of data of the University of Alicante.

Currently the University's wireless network it has 99% coverage in the buildings of the UA.

The University's wireless network uses only the SSID eduroam, both for the local users and visitors, using WPA2/AES as the encryption method.

Before coming to the UA to use the wireless network, we recommend you do, in your own organization, the following checks:

* Make sure your organization is welcome to the eduroam initiative.
* Check that you can connect to eduroam in your organization. If that is not possible, ask your institution the necessary data for this configuration. At the UA, works only 802.1 x access.

If you have a problem, once you are on our campus, you can contact:

* Free access of the classroom building 1 room
* Free access of the Polytechnic School room
* Ground floor of the General library

Since there is no personal computer support and assistance for the installation and configuration of the wireless network.

Computer service Network of the University of Alicante's wireless

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