Tenth anniversary of the web of the UA IT Service

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Tenth anniversary of the web of the UA

The University of Alicante initiated in the world of the networks of computers at the beginning of the  years 90. In this period the available  services reduced to the email and to the remote connection, only a small part of the university community did use of them and for the rest of the society was an unknown technology. These networks were directed exclusively  to researchers and in Spain no more than a dozen of universities were connected. The first network to which the UA had access was EARN/BITNET that interconnected several thousands of central computers of all the world, the PC still had not done his apparition of massive form. In 1991 it connected the University to Internet and the big change arrived around the middle of the decade with the apparition of the Web, some graphic and intuitive surroundings that allowed to sail by the information with some minimum knowledges of computing.

In 1996 the University of Alicante  places in the network the first institutional page like an initiative of the Service of Computing. In this year the web page was a place that allowed to the university community have a first contact with a web and to the technicians of the service evaluate the possibilities of a new technology. This web contained only information protocolaria institutional.

Web 1996

Before finalising the year, in October of 1996, appears the second version of the website. On request of the team rectoral begins to offer information and services. But this version does not finish of despegar, follow using the traditional mechanisms for the diffusion of the information.

Web 1997

The then  rector, Andrés Pedreño, conscious of the importance of the web, assumes like own task the development of the web like tool of communication, provider of services to the university community and to the society and like tool of reingeniería to design again  the administrative procedures and academicians. In one authenticates marathon of three months, constitutes a Committee of Editorial of Web and under the presidency of Rector keep meetings with all the involved in the university life urging them to put all the information that administer in the web page.  In January of 1997 appears the third version of the website that supposes a qualitative change regarding the two previous, the quantity of information and the services that has in the page convert it an indispensable mechanism for the university life.

The philosophy that inspired  the construction of the website and under which follows developing can resumir in the following points:

Web 1998

In November of 1998 appears a fourth version that presents some improvements and modifies the structure to look for a more efficient organisation of the big quantity of information that is published in the web.

Web 2002

The web page of the UA has served of inspiration to numerous Spanish universities and iberoamericanas.

The study of the consulting Nielsen of 2004 placed to the web of the UA like leader of the university portals Spaniards more visited.

They cost some data like reflection of the importance of the institutional website of the UA. In May of 2006 there is more than 200.000 pages HTML, 9.000 documents DOC, 32.000 documents PDF, almost 50.000 news in the dossier of press,… In the actuality more than 500 people administer a zone delegated of the website of the UA.

And on the utilisation of the same the figure attaches reflects that of the 3,5 million pages served the first year have happened to 62,1 millions in the year 2005.

Statistics of access to the server

The Survey on services of Internet of the University of Alicante of 2005 realised by a multidisciplinary team of the UA to the students enrolled in the UA provides results very satisfactory:

Freqüència Of connexió to the web of the UA

Satisfacció respecte To the qualitat of the web of the UA
Satisfacció respecte To the quantitat d'informació of the web of the UA
Satisfacció respecte To l'estructuració of the informació of the web of the UA
Satisfacció respecte To the disseny of the web of the UA

We will begin the second decade of the web of the UA with the set up of several projects: