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Wellcome to the agent of contents Vualà


Access to the gallery of images of a website

This option allows to visualise in a web page all the photographies alojadadas in the directory "images" of the website.

Enable/deshabilitar the version of English of a web page

This new option of Vualà allows to the users that wish it adeministrar the eyelash of English customised for each web page

Inclusion of data of the general Agenda of the AU in Vualà

For a few days and the events of the General Agenda of the AU can be in Vualà. The way to do it is by selecting the corresponding option in the editor of Vualà when we are editing a web page. When we open the Agenda, we select by type of activity and select the events that you want to show. Below we publish the page and those events will appear on our website.

Inclusion of tags in the news of the planks

Vualà includes the possibility to label the news published on the notice board to subsequently filter them based on these tags

TechnologyWeb News
New image of the information offered by web services

We have improved the presentation in tables of data provided by web services. You can see an example on the website of the Department of computer and information technology

How to correctly see the RSS feed in Google Chrome

Users who use Google Chrome can not properly see the RSS feeds. This happens because the Chrome browser does not have a reader or subscriber of RSS incorporated by default. Therefore, it is necessary to install an extension to enable the ability to view this type of content.

We recommend the extension "Extension subscription to RSS (from Google)", which can be installed from the following address:

Once in the address press the green button "Add" or "Add" which appears in the top right.

The application is immediately installed and enabled. Thereafter you can already see the RSS content without any problem in Google Chrome browser.

New photos of the UA students included in the repository of Vualà

Within the "repositorio" folder that appears when you insert an image on a page of Vualà, we've added the folder "Photos-ua" that we will be completing. At the moment we have added photos of students at the University of Alicante

Sites to download thousands of high quality images

Collection of sites where you can download hundreds of thousands of free images of high quality for both personal projects and commercial projects:

We recommend you create a Marcador (or Favourite) to this manual and resort to this in case of doubts. If you go to keep a place in VUALÀ, visits the manual of regular form to be informed of updates and novelties that will go publishing in the section of news.



Vualà Is a tool of publication web developed by the Service of Computing of the University of Alicante. It allows gestionar and publish of comfortable and simple way the contents of the websites of the University.

In the year 2009 begin to publish of massive form in the University under this system. At present, the new places that create realise in Vualà and the existent websites are transferring.


¿What want to do?

"Already I have permissions to work in my place in VUALÀ, but do not know by where begin"

Recommend assist to the formative course before beginning to work with VUALÀ. It is necessary:

  1. INSTALLATION OF THE CERTIFICATE: it is necessary to install a certificate to be able to work with VUALÀ. It follows the instructions described in the tutorial "Install the certificate to work with Vualà".

You can begin following the following fast guide that will allow you:

  1. Create a folder in your place.
  2. Create a page web.
  3. Create an option of menu.
  4. Link the option of menu with the page created in the point 2.


    All this documentation is widely detailed in the sections of the Manual that show in the left lateral menu.

    "It would like me receive a course of VUALÀ"

    Icono formación vualàTo aim you to courses of training in VUALÀ writes a post to or marks the extension 3030 and will inform you of the days and available groups.


    "I want to create a place in VUALÀ"

    The first step is to fill up an application of high in VUALÀ. It follows the instructions that indicate and, once received and accepted, will proceed to create the space and to award the corresponding permissions.

    If at present you have the web in Composer, do not forget to do an observation to realise a traspaso of the contents when doing the application.

    "One of my pages has to have news (RSS)"

    Before aventurarte to create news, devotes some minutes to read the tutorial on RSS that have prepared:

    Icono RSS para noticias

    Access to the Tutorial "Managing of News RSS".

    "I have a doubt on a concrete appearance"

    It observes the left lateral menu and search to simple sight if your doubt fits with any of the separated described. If no, it uses the searcher situated in the right top of this page using the key words. You can consult the operation of the searcher in the section "The searcher in VUALÀ".

      Help us to improve the manual

      It is important for us know if the manuals and tutoriales are useful for you. Do us knowledge what would change or what would improve in the manuals that put to your disposal on VUALÀ. A lot of graces.



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