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Inclusion of Twitter

Until further notice the inclusion of the social network Twitter in Vualà is disabled.

icono twitterWith this action, we can insert a Twitter on our website. Although it can be on any page and in any position, the most advisable is to include it to the right of the Bulletin Board on a page that has RSS . To do this properly, vual must insert the Twitter over the Bulletin Board. If the plank is located at the top of the page, to place the Twitter over select plank, press the left arrow cursor (<-) on the keyboard and then press ENTER. This action creates us a space above the plank that we can already insert the twitter.

inster twitter antes tablón

Insertar twitter

In the box that appears to us, we put the name of the Twitter user, number of tweets to show as well as the width of the window of the Twitter (200 pixels by default). We also have the option of adding, as it happens with the images, a margin the rest of the page elements that appear to her around.

Finally, click on update and the Twitter window will appear as follows, with the width in pixels that you have specified. Then we select the Twitter image and align it to the right,

twitter encima tablón

staying in Vualà in the following way.

twitter alineado derecha

If the resolution of our monitor isn't too big, for example, 1024 pixels in width, might that has apparently disappeared image of Twitter, although in reality it is, but the monitor is not able to display it in the editor.

Once posted the page we will see Twitter properly.

visualización página con twitter

It can occur, as in this case, that Twitter is not aligned with respect to the noticeboard, as in the previous picture. To solve this small problem, we select the Twitter in Vualà image, and then click again on the icon insert twitter icono twitter . In the properties of the Twitter, we can add a top margin and left margin, so Twitter will lower that margin with respect to the Board, and at the same time, there will be a small space between them. We can also modify the number of tweets to adapt its size to the number of news we have in the RSS.

modificar twitter

Finally, we publish the page and visualize the end result.

twitter formateado

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is also possible to include the Twitter window anywhere on the page, for example, to the right or left of a paragraph of text, image, etc. In this case, the procedure is identical to the previous, i.e. we must insert the Twitter over the text, image, etc., and then align it to the right or left, adjusting margins of the Twitter controls as appropriate, for correct alignment with the rest of the page.

ventana twitter izquierda texto publicada

ventana twitter derecha texto e imagen

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