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Inclusion of images in the carousel of normal type

icono carruselWith this action, we can Insert a multimedia carousel of images and/or videos on our website.

Clicking on the icon, will appear the following screen, which we will select the images and/or videos that will form part of the carousel.

insertar imagen carrusel

We are going to insert some pictures and a video for example to see it working. On the previous screen, select first an image from the repository, in this case, the mobile directory. If the image has a description, this will appear just below the image in a gray bar. The description of the bar can modify or delete if we select the image and click on the icon "insert image in the carousel". The editor of vual carousel will appear as follows:

carrusel un elemento

Then we are going to insert a Youtube video into the carousel. To do this, put the cursor inside the Carouselarea, and back to click on the icon to insert image in the carousel, although on this occasion, we click on the Youtube embed an external videobutton:

insertar video youtube carrusel

We introduce the URL of the Youtube video and give the button to Insert. Now in our carousel, you will have two elements.

carrusel dos elementos

We can add more elements, as discussed above, we will add 2 more pictures, also from the repository.

carrusel cuatro elementos

See carousel icono play

Once posted the page, the carousel will us show follows in the browser:

carrusel navegador primer elemento

The carousel will be displayed automatically and on all the elements that are part of it. You can also navigate within it with the arrow keys, to display the item before or after that is being displayed in every moment. Alternatively, you can choose what element carousel show, with the buttons that appear at the bottom right of the same.

carrusel navegador segundo elemento

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