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Version 3.0

3.0 Vual. This new version includes significant improvements over the previous version. It also improves the overall performance of the content manager.

Important changes

  1. New presentation of the files (pages, documents and images). It includes more information about each file and offers the possibility to sort the information in ascending or descending manner.
  2. Inclusion of an image in the RSS by default when the site administrator does not include.
  3. Limit access to specific files exclusively to computers inside of the University.
  4. In order to avoid spam mail, includes a Captcha code before submitting a suggestion to any administrator of a website.
  5. Use of sprites to meet standards and get among other advantages, accelerate the loading of pages.

Other changes and improvements

  1. Inclusion of buttons help to explain certain features of the Manager of contents and improve existing help messages.
  2. Refresh the url of a page in the editor, when you change its title.
  3. Inclusion of descriptions and sizes to the images in the image manager.
  4. Incorporate the ability to translate automatically the description of an image to view the properties of the same.
  5. Change "Beta version" by "Version in evidence" when the website is under development.
  6. Tables. Remove the possibility of putting a background image in cell and row properties.
  7. Suggestions form. Inclusion of "Your name", "Your message", etc. to avoid confusion for the user to send a suggestion.
  8. Advertising management. Direct access to the images in the folder -gestadm to avoid those who are not administrators can modify the images.
  9. RSS: by default, the current time, instead of 00: 00 appears as activation date.

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