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The queries on the operation of Vualà can do in the C go in of Attention to the User (CAU) in the extension 9393.


For more information on how edit an already published image, see documentation on Gestión of imagenes.


  • ¿How many tablones RSS can insert in my website? So many like web pages have my place. However, only we can insert a tablón RSS in a web page.
  • I do not achieve to see the news RSS that finish to publish. The reason is that really you have not published the page that contains to his time the RSS.
  • ¿Why the images and the links that include in the editor of news (RSS) do not export to other languages when I publish the web page?. Automaticamente Does not publish , is necessary to go in in each one of the others languages, edit the news and to his time the image and the link and do it again inside this language.
  • I can not copy pages with RSS. The reason is that the RSS are associated to a page, by what the same news can not be in two distinct pages. Because of this can not copy pages that contain RSS, but they have to cut and hit.



  • ¿With which browser works Vualà? Vualà Works perfectly with Firefox. In IE 7.0 there are some functionalities that do not have a suitable behaviour by what recommend the utilisation of Firefox. With independence of the browser that utiliicemos to administer our page, the page that generates Vualà has to show the same of well in all the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Operates, Safari, etc.)



  • ¿I want to do my web page in Vualà, what have to do?.
    • If you do not have any web page in the actuality, have to send us an application  of new web in Vualà that can find in the section of Corporate Web of the Service of Computing. When we receive the application, will create the website and will assign you the corresponding permissions. From this moment already can incorporate information to your new web. If you need to receive training on Vualà have to send an email to the Area of Training of the Service of Selection and Training
    • If you already have a web page in Publiweb. The procedure is the same that before, but besides deberiamos contemplate the possibility to do a traspaso from the ancient web to the new. To study the form to do it, the best is to do a query to the direction of post



  • ¿Who manage the permissions of the web page?. The Service of Computing assigns a permission to the administrator. This commissions to concede to his mates additional permissions of administrator or of user.
  • ¿How I can publish in Vualà?. To do it have to have your web page published with this tool, no with Publiweb. It is the own administrator of this place the one who has to assign you permissions.



  • ¿I want to customise the cabecera of my web page in Vuala?. For the moment the administrator of the place does not have the possibility  to do it. To change it has to send us a photography preferably wider that high to the direction of post and we do the change.
  • ¿Who can do the change in the menu of my web page?. Can do it you same. You can consult the documentation on Vualà in the section of administration of the place and see how do it.
  • ¿As I can change the title of my web page?. The title can change it the administrator or the administrators of the place that are those who have access to the administration of the place.
  • ¿It is possible to include a form in the web page of my place?. Yes. For this is necessary to have access to the tool of gestión of Forms. When we have of this access, the only that we have to do is to include a link in Vualà to the form that finish to generate. See documentation of how include a link in Vualà to our form.
  • ¿If I hide the page to the navigation when creating it, will appear in Google?. No. However, if we hide it to the navigation once that has been visible, is possible that Google there is it indexado although when the users press in the link will not show .



  • ¿I can put the name of the place in two lines? If, for this have to separate what would consider the title (upper line) of the subhead (inferior line), by means of 2 spaces in white. See documentation on gestión of the place.
  • I am the administrator of a web managed with Vualà and do not achieve to see the buttons of administration, ¿what can do?. It can occur if you use a monitor with a very low resolution  (800x600) or even with resolutions something greater  (1024x768) if you do not have maximizada the window to the maximum.
  • ¿How many levels has the menu of Vualà?.  3 levels. Main, sub-section and sub-sub-separated. It is not necessary to offer all the administrative structure of your unit in the menu, only the most sued information by the users.
  • ¿I can move the options of my menu?. Yes, it is necessary to puncture in the option of menu (include all the subárbol) that I want to move and drag it where want to carry it. The destination identifies because it shows us a just script in the place where goes to incrustar. See documentation on gestión of menus.
  • The changes that do in the menu do not see them in my web page. The reason is that they have not published the changes realised. To do it it is necessary to press on the button "Update menu" once done the changes.
  • If I move a page of a directory to another in my place of Vualà, ¿what occurs with the links that there was in the university to this page?. If the pages that link to your page are in Vualà, redireccionan automaticamente all. If the pages that link you are not in Vualà, the links querarían broken.

    In a future, when all the web of the University of Alicante was integrated in Vualà, any change of direction of a web page, document or image will cause a change in all the pages that link them.



  • ¿Which is the best form to hit in Vualà?. It depends on what want to achieve. If exclusively we want to hit the text, without style any, will use the icon of hit with flat text. If we want to keep any of the styles when doing the hit, will use the icon to "Hit respecting the styles", taking into account that Vualà does cleaning of the styles that do not fulfil with the standards.
  • In a web page can not separate two tables. Select one of them, cut it, enter several carriage returns and to continuation go back it to hit with Control+V.
  • It appears me a code href="" at the beginning of the page that can not remove, in spite of erasing it in the editor. In occasions, editing with Vualà can occur that some link lose his attribute href, that is to say, the direction of the link. For averiguar of which link treats , have to fix us that the text of the link will appear in blue, indicativo that it is a link, but will not appear underlined, what means that it has lost his attribute href.
    Link without href
    For example, in the list of upper links, can see like Images has lost his href, in comparison with the other that yes appear underlined. To fix it, have to edit this link and put the direction that has lost. Once done this, already can erase the code href that appeared us and publish the page.


  • ¿What occur when I go in to Vualà and appears the screen in white, or go in in the agent of news and appears everything in white?. The most likely is that we have done an update of the software of Vualà and this has not loaded in the browser of the user. To force the load of the page of Vualà from the server it is necessary to press F5 or Ctrl+R. If still like this it persists the error, it is necessary vaciar the caché of the browser. For this go to the upper menu of Firefox, Tools, Clean the historial recent... Clean now (if it did not appear the upper menu of Firefox, press the key Alt and will appear).

Clean historial recent

vaciar caché

  • Clean the caché of the browser. When it publishes a new version of Vualà and add new functionalities, is advisable to clean the caché of the browser so that all work properly. To continuation show a series of videos of how realise this process, depending of the browser that use to publish in Vualà: Firefox (see Video Icon play), Chrome (see Video Icon play) or Internet Explorer (see Video Icon play).

    If they exist grave problems that are unable to resolve cleaning the caché of the browser can reestablish Firefox to his state by defect. For this escribirmos in the bar of direction "about:support" (without comillas). This option allows reiniciar again the Browser with the essential information only.

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