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Streamings from not enabled spaces


This same protocol also can consult through the web of the Vicerrectorado of Technology:

The Service of Computing installs, keeps and offers to the PDI and the PAS of the university the infrastructure and the necessary technical support to issue acts by Internet from the big majority of living rooms of acts of the UA (rooms instrumented in

In all the cases, the service of broadcast of acts by Internet (Videostreaming) requests through Vertex in UACloud ( and his application involves the acceptance of the instructions for use of said service of which informs to the user so much in the process of application as in this web of information.

In the case of an application to issue by Internet an evento from a no conditioned space (no included in the listing of rooms instrumented), will take into account the following questions:

1.- Request the transmission with at least 10 days of margin

Depending of the service requested, the installations and comprobaciones previous can need several sessions in different days and with different units involved (Technical Office, Workshop of Image, Service of Computing).

If the reason went by fault of space, will put copy of the application to the unit of Gestión of Spaces of the UA ( to see if it could offer some alternative.

2.- It is necessary that the space from which go to realise the broadcast have a sufficient and operative installation of network, video (camera or cameras, trípodes, operators of camera, etc.), megaphony and microfonía (table of mixes, microphones, speakers, etc.) as well as of the rest of necessary elements for the evento (lecterns, estrados, illumination, etc.).

It will not confirm any streaming from a space that do not have this installation or with the confirmation (Technical Office, Service of Computing, Workshop of Image) that this installation is approved and will be operative at least 5 days before the evento.

3.- The final realisation of the service will be subject to the availability of resources so much of personal as of equipment

The number of available people, as well as of units of operation of video and of streaming are limited. If sometime, they coincided in the time acts or the preparation of the same and the number of people and/or available equipment was not sufficient to give the service in all these acts, in spite of that fulfil all the previous requirements, could not being able to loan finally the service.

The applicant of the service will manage and will assume the derivative costs of the necessary technical personnel in case that the service requested, including installation, configuration and proofs of the same, occur total or partially out of the usual day of work of said technical personnel. In this case and in spite of that fulfil all the necessary requirements, could not to loan finally the service if the applicant does not have the necessary technical personnel to llevar it.

4.- Extraordinary budget

Depending on the concrete needs of an application, can be necessary include some game of extra material (wired up diverse, hard disks recording, adapters, etc.) which will assume the applicant of the service.

5.- Portable team (autogestionado)

For spaces very small where the requests in quality of signal (audio and video) are not a factor determinante, the Service of Computing also offers a team of streaming portable which includes:

  • Team codificador preconfigurado (usually a laptop).
  • Camera type Webcam HD with included microphone.
  • Wire of network.

To be able to use this team, the applicant of the service needs, previously, have a point of active network and tested in the place from which go to realise the broadcast.

The applicant does responsible of this material as well as of the collected and return of the same.

Will be able to organise a previous session with personnel of the unit of Multimedia in Network so that the user can know the steps to be followed to initiate and detain the broadcast.

The application of this team will do by means of the agent of broadcasts in direct available in Vertex (, indicating like place of broadcast for this band in concrete, the option %u201CInstrument Portable%u201D.

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