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Take a look at the following video to get a general idea about this service:




Management of the broadcasts live from a user performed from Virtual Campus, Vértice tool. In the top menu of Vértice you will find an option called "Live broadcasts (streaming video)" from which you can manage the application for issuance of an act by Internet in addition to its publication, information, access and reception of the file statistics recording of such an act.

The requirements to perform an act Internet stream as well as the steps are explained below to follow.

Requirements and steps to stream an event through the Internet


Prior to the application of videostreaming service it is necessary that the person requesting it has:

  • Reserve a room equipped confirmed through the Unit of management of spaces .
  • It is optional, but highly recommended, having a person who is responsible for the operation of the camera during the development of the event. Otherwise the issuance will be made using a fixed camera plane.
  • It is important to note that technical support is provided from Monday to Friday from 8 h to 19 h . If you want this support outside of these hours please contact the service via the feedback form will be necessary.

Steps to relay an event through videostreaming service are as follows:

  • Filling through the live of Vértice emissions management request for retransmission of the act. Help to make this request can be found in the Vértice website , section " live broadcasts (streaming video) ".
  • (Optional) Publication and dissemination of the link to the page from which the broadcast is displayed ( links to equipped rooms) .
  • (Optional) filling in the assignment contract (PDF in English ) rights by the speakers who will be involved in the event.
  • (Optional) Operation of the equipment of videostreaming.
  • (Optional) Request the recorded audio-visual material of the event for publication. This material shall be made available to the applicant or person designated through Vértice .


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