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Introducción al servicio de videostreaming

The streaming video service of the University of Alicante is responsible for live broadcast (real time) and via Internet of events held in any of the rooms equipped for this purpose. In order to keep one of these emissions, only it is necessary to have a computer connected to the Internet.

Everything related to these emissions by a user's Internet is managed from the Virtual Campus, vertex ( ) tool. Vertex has a manager of live broadcasts from which the user can:

  • request the issuance online of a live act.
  • modify the information in a request already made.
  • consult the State of your relay.
  • at the end retransmission, see viewing statistics, access to the recording of the broadcast or view the history of all their emissions.

Additionally the user can leverage tools for cataloguing and publication offered for its live broadcasts in the same way that makes any other multimedia material vertex vertex.

This system facilitates the user who so requests, the dissemination of an act that will be issued by Internet, since, if requested as a "Public act", Manager adds to The communication unit of the AU in this process enabling its diffusion through the channels of dissemination that are managed from this unit, such as press releases, University news or social networks in which you participate ( UA Facebook, Tweeter au ).

By default, all emissions marked as public may follow from:

The user can also publish the Internet stream at any of the portals that vertex offers the advantage that completed the relay, that publication would still be valid since it would show the recording of the event instead of the live event. For example, if a user publishes the live broadcast of a Congress that is organising on one of its pages of VUALÀ or BlogsUA, during the course of the Congress, from that publication you may follow Congress live and in real time and completed East that same publication will show the same recording.

Finally, to the closing of the issuance of an act on the Internet, the system sends to the user statistics of access and viewing of your relay, which provides the user a very useful information in order to know the impact that has had the broadcast and also for planning of future emissions.

The event is complete and if the user so requests, obtained recordings will be put at its disposal through vertex .

Videostreaming Service Computer Service

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