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WEB conferencing terms of use


These terms of use are applicable in performances by the computing service for computer software-based videoconferencing, also known as web or desktop video conferencing.


Example of this type of videoconferencing are those carried out by:

  • Skype
  • Webbex
  • Adobe Connect
  • Google Talk, Google Hangouts
  • Spontania
  • Messenger

The service of computing not offers services of VIDEOCONFERENCE with any of these applications.


What if offers the service of video conferencing for these situations to the UA staff?


  • Advice when choosing the application suitable depending on the scenario that is exposed by the UA user requesting.
  • Necessary material like webcam, microphone, headphones or a multimedia notebook. Requesting UA user may request through part of assistance, the installation and configuration of these elements through the technical assistance offered from the computing service: . In this case should take into account that a part of technical assistance-resolution time varies between 24 to 48 hours depending on the workload.
  • Testing internal with the user requesting UA in order that this can evaluate the system in full before performing a session of this kind with someone external. For the Organization of these tests will be used the email address and the time to carry them out will be conditional to the availability of technical personnel.
  • Management system for the reserves of virtual with Adobe Connect meetings, offered through vertex in Virtual Campus. More information at:
  • Room air-conditioning when the applicant does not have it in its Center origin and required by the number of local assistants, taking into account both the tests and the videoconference will organize them and carry out the requesting user.

Any advice, testing, configuration, material, or room will be offered to staff who do not belong to the Group of PDI or PAS of the University of Alicante.

General recommendations
  • Avoid these systems for videoconferencing of official, institutional acts or where is necessary to have a minimum of guarantees both stability and quality. Videoconferencing systems based on computer or WEB applications are not stable and even the fact of having made previous testing ensures a good result the day of the videoconference real conditions (network, updates on the PC, viruses, application of massive discharge in our same network, etc.) are very changeable and little predictable. All universities around the world have professional video conferencing equipment that virtually guarantee a good user experience and it should be the choice for video conferencing with a certain degree of officiality. If the user does not have clear options available, you can send an email to explaining the situation.

Not be held doctoral theses by video conferencing using a videoconference system based on computer, web or desktop application.

  • Use headphones instead of speakers whenever possible.

The audio is usually the Achilles heel of these video conferencing. Using headphones instead of speakers we reduce the possibility of unwanted acoustic phenomena from appearing much.

  • Use headphones and microphone USB.

The use of headphones and microphone USB instead of headphones and microphones that are connected to the PC via traditional connections (connectors analog colors green and Red Jack) have shown to offer much more quality and less problems for this type of video conferencing.

  • Testing.Although it's applications of computer that apparently we should have no problems, it is usual resulting unexpected. It is recommended perform the following preliminary tests:
    • Which often offer video conferencing applications to configure the audio and video settings.
    • With the other participants in the videoconference in equal conditions that will be in real video.


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