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Web conferencing (Adobe Connect)

UA video conferencing service offers the possibility of virtual book using Adobe Connect software.

This utility allows you to perform videoconferences in a simple way and, due to its ease of use, may be used for classes online, tutorials, meetings, group, etc.


How to book a room

Rooms management is performed via the Virtual Campus and is integrated within the platform of multi-media materials vertex. You can access it from the option "learning resources > vertex" If PDI, or "utilities > vertex" in case of PAS.

Once we're in vertex, we must Access the menu "Advanced options > Adobe Connect".

Acceso desde Vértice

In the table, we must select the tab 'book virtual room' and enter the details of the reservation.

First we must indicate the date of booking , then, the title, start time and end time. If you want to send an invitation email to other participants in the videoconference, we can indicate their email addresses separated by commas.

Realizar una reserva

Finally, we click on "new reservation". It may happen that there are no free rooms for the date and time selected, in which case we would have to modify these data and try again.

How to access the lounge

In the table, select the tab "quiet rooms". Here you will see a list of meetings that have not yet taken place.

The informational data that we have are the title, the date , and the start and end times of the meeting.

In the table we can also see the link to the room that we can copy and mail to invite other users to participate in the meeting.

Lounge access is permitted from one hour before the start time of the session. To access the room you must click on the icon Botón para acceder a la sala.

Reuniones que todavía no han tenido lugar

ButtonBotón para eliminar la reservaallows you to completely remove the reserve.

Historical reserves

In the tab "historical reserves" we can see a listing of those virtual meetings that have exceeded the date of reservation.

Histórico de reservas


Guests will receive an e-mail with the details of the meeting. To access it, you have to click on the following link set the day and time.

By clicking on the link, the window of the meeting automatically displaying a message waiting, will be charged as until the host is not in the room, no one can access the same.

The host, a time inside the room (which has accessed via Virtual Campus), shall accept or deny requests for access. You can do this from the options from the pop%u2011up menu at the top right of the virtual room (this window appears only if there are requests for access in standby).

Another option is to authorize access through the operating system notifications, which will appear in the moment in which a guest may try to access the room. These Windows are usually displayed in the bottom left of the screen.

At any time we can add new guests to the meetings by sending them the URL to access the room, which can be found in the confirmation email and in the implementation of Virtual Campus, in the table of reserved rooms.

When the guest accesses the URL of the room, this time will be charged previously a login screen where the user must enter their name and click on the button "enter room". Starting from there, we will show you the message of waiting in the same way as if had been invited to the meeting initially.

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