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Videoconferencing terms of use

These terms of use are of application in the performances of the Service of Computing for the videoconferences.


Exist 2 types of videoconference:


  1. Videoconference with teams of professional videoconference. In this type of videoconferences use teams of videoconference of professional type (type Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, Tandberg, etc.) which employ to his time protocols and codecs of standard communication (H323, SIP, H239, H264, H263, AAC, etc.) which allows interoperability between distinct manufacturers. The videoconferences llevar by means of this system are very reliable and the guarantees regarding quality and stability are higher compared with the videoconfrerencias llevar by means of software (Skype or similar). This type of videoconferences can not llevar in any place since they require of a configuration of network and some specific technical conditions as well as the realisation of previous proofs between the participants to confirm the compatibility between the teams.
  2. Videoconference by means of a software of computer. This type of videoconferences are in which it employs some software type Skype, Google Hangouts, AdobeConnect, Cisco Webex, etc. For this type of videoconferences is not necessary to have any special hardware but exist some recommendations that it is necessary to follow. Since there is not control on the state neither conditions of the teams participants (are used to to be people connected without any type of computer support neither audiovisual) neither on the internal operation of the software used (are programs that do not use protocols neither codecs standard), are systems less reliable that the previous especially for videoconferences that require some minimum levels of quality and stability.


General norms


  • The service of videoconference loans services of videoconference by means of teams of professional videoconference. For this, has several spaces instrumented and conditioned from which can llevar them. The application of realisation of this type of videoconferences realises through "UACloud -> Vertex -> Videoconferences". The help on the form of solictud can find in the web of the service of videoconferences (
  • The videoconferences for readings of thesis doctorales whose title issues the University of Alicante have his own rule elaborated by the EDUA and that it can consult in this web:
  • The videoconferences that are not for the reading of a thesis doctoral have to request with at least 5 days of antelación through "UACloud -> Vertex -> Videoconferences".
  • The service of videoconference loans from the 8:30 until the 20:00.
  • In case that in the videoconference can result affected rights of image and/or of contents of third will have to, necessarily, collect the corresponding cession of the rights of image and of contents of the affected. For this will have to fill, in duplicate, the available form in a copy of this form  will have to be delivered to the university and the another will have to be custodiada by you.
  • The responsibility of the contents of the videoconferences recaen in scoop in the and the users of the service.


Norms of use for videoconferences by means of software of computer

 The service of videoconference DOES not OFFER SERVICES OF VIDEOCONFERENCE by means of software of computer type Skype, Google Hangouts, AdobeConnect, Cisco Webex, etc.


¿What is what YES offers the service of videoconferences for these situations to the personnel of the UA?


  • Advice to the hour to choose the suitable application depending of the exposed stage by the user UA applicant.
  • Necessary material like webcam, microphone, auricular or a multimedia laptop. The user UA applicant will be able to request by means of part of assistance, the installation and configuration of these elements through the Technical Assistance offered from the Service of Computing: . In this case it is necessary to take into account that the time of resolution of a part of Technical Assistance oscillates between the 24 and the 48 hours depending on the load of work.
  • Internal proofs with the user UA applicant with the end that this can evaluate the system to the complete before llevar a session of this type with somebody external. For the organisation of these proofs will use the direction of email and the moment to llevar them will be conditioned to the availability of technical personnel.
  • System for the gestión of reservations of virtual meetings with Season Connect, offered  through Vertex in Virtual Campus. But information in:
  • Room conditioned when the applicant do not have of her in his centre origin and was necessary by the number of local assistants, taking into account that so much the proofs like the videoconference will organise them and will llevar the user applicant.


In no case it will offer advice, proofs, configuration, material or room to personnel that do not belong to the community of PDI or PAS of the University of Alicante.


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