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Before beginning

Before using Adobe Connect (and in general, any another videoconference desktop application like Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx, etc.), is better to fulfil with the following basic general recommendations: general Recommendations

Besides, in this case, it is also positive to launch, from the computer that we are going to use, the following checker:



When accessing to a room of meeting of Season Connect, will see a series of signposts with different functionalities: share content, video of the webcam, participants, chat, etc.

This is the appearance of a room of meeting of Season Connect:

Dress room


By defect, the microphone and the camera come desactivados to provide the control to the user that connects . In the bar of control of the top of the window, can see a series of icons. When the icons are in white, means that this functionality is desactivada. When puncturing on one of the icons, this will happen to green colour, indicating that this functionality is active.

Bar of control

Activating the micro

To activate the mircrófono, have to puncture on the corresponding icon of the bar of control. When it was in green will have the "micro open" and will be able to oirnos any person that was connected to the sala.

If we have of several microphones, can select one puncturing on the flechita that appears at the side right of the icon.

Select micro


When there is more than 2 users in a room, is some best practices, silenciar the microphone once has finished to speak not to enter noise in the conversation. For this, simply have to puncture on the icon of the microphone. We will see that it appears lined.

micro silenciado

When puncturing again in the icon of the microphone, will enable it so that our signal of audio arrive to the room.




Activating the camera

The activation of the camera web realises in 2 steps . In the first only we will see the signal of the camera, like a previous sight. In the second step will transmit the signal to the sala.

To activate the webcam have to puncture on the corresponding icon to the camera Icon camera , or, in the button of the block " Video " designated " Initiate my camera Web ".

Initiate my camera web


When doing this, as we already have commented, will see the signal that issues the camera in " previous Sight ". To send definitively our signal of video to the room, have to press this time the button " Initiate use shared ".

Initiate use shared


Sharing content

In the central part of the screen appears by defect the block to share content. When puncturing in the right lateral arrow, will deploy the menu that will allow us choose between sharing the screen of our team, share a document or a blackboard (screen in white where can do annotations).

Share content


The use shared of documents has the following advantages in front of sharing screen:

  • Greater fidelity in the experience of visualisation of the participants.
  • Lower requirement of bandwidth for presenters and participants.
  • More options of navigation and possibility to synchronise with the participants.
  • Previous load and organisation of the documents in the sala.
  • Presentation simpler when there are several presenters.


Share screen

When puncturing in sharing screen, have the option to choose the desk, an application or a concrete window of which have open. In the left inferior part have of an option to happen to way of complete screen to the participants of the meeting, so that they visualise better the content.

Share screen


When sharing the screen, have of a bar with the basic controls that we can need (detain the use shared, camera, microphone, speaker, participants, chat and notifications).

mini Control


Anytime, the user that shares his screen can do a pause and take an instantaneous of the screen to realise annotations on the same. Later it can restart the use shared if it wishes it.

Another functionality that can result interesting, is the one to take the remote control of the screen of an user. Only the users with role of host or presenter have of a button to request the control of the screen that is being shared.

Request remote control


In any case, the user that shares screen will receive a notification with the request and will be able to accept it or refuse it.

Request control of the screen



Share document

If we select to share a document, will appear a window that will allow us look for it in our team.

Examine pc




They can share the following types of archive: PPT, PPTX, PDF of Season, SWF, FLV, JPEG or Mp3.


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