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General recommendations


  • Avoid these systems for videoconferences of official acts, institutional or in which it was necessary to have a minimum of guarantees so much in quality as in stability. The systems of videoconference based in applications of computer or WEB are not stable and not even the fact to having realised previous proofs ensures a good resulted the day of the real videoconference since the conditions (network, updates in the PC, virus, applications of massive download in our same network, etc.) are very cambiantes and little predictable. All the universities to world-wide level have teams of professional videoconference that practically guarantee a good experience of user and this has to be the option chosen for videoconferences with some degree of officiality. If the user does not have clear the options of which has, can send an email to explaining the situation.

They will not llevar thesis doctorales by videoconference using a system of videoconference based in application of computer, web or of desk.

  • Not using WIFI (connection of wireless network)

It is important that the computer that use for a videoconference of this type, was connected to Internet by means of wire and NO by means of a wireless network (WIFI).


  • Use auricular instead of speakers whenever it was possible.

The audio is used to to be the Heel of Achilles of these videoconferences. Using auricular instead of speakers reduce a lot the possibility that they appear unwanted acoustic phenomena.


  • Use auricular and microphone USB.

The utilisation of headphones and microphone USB in place of the headphones and microphones that connect to the PC by means of traditional connections (analog connectors type Jack of green and red colours) have showed to offer a lot of more quality and fewer problems for this type of videoconferences.




  • Realise proofs. Although it treats of applications of computer with which apparently do not have to have problems, is usual that arise unforeseen. It is recommended to realise the following previous proofs:
    • Those that are used to to offer the applications of videoconference to configure the levels of audio and video.
    • With the other participants in the videoconference in some equal conditions to which there will be in the real videoconference.

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