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Installing Skype for Business

The application Skype for Business incorporates new functionalities, that go us to allow create meetings and videoconferences of an effective and simple way: it allows the recording of the meetings, as well as the programming of these, allows us access to them from any device, by means of a link, and even allows to connect by telephone, if in this moment does not have of connection to internet.

To install Skype Business. We have to have given of high ours account of UA Cloud in the platform Office 365. For this will access to External Services in UA Cloud, and will give us of high


Once finalised the process, will access to the Platform Office 365 and select "Other installations"


And we select Skype Business



From this page will select Skype Business 2015 and the version chord to our operating system


We download the archive, execute it and install. It is important to remember that Skype Business is a distinct application of Skype, by what can have installed both simultaneously.

Creating a meeting (Gather now)

 From Skype Business will be able to create a meeting in the moment, simply pressing in Gathering Now


Once inside the meeting that have created, will be able to invite to other people to join to her. The simplest form is sending the link that provides us Skype to the people that want to invite. To access to this link, will select "More options" and "Information of entrance to the meeting"

We will copy the link and will send it to the people that go to participate in the meeting


One of the new functionalities of Skype Business, is that it can access to the meeting from any device, still when the another person do not have installed Skype. Simply pressing the link will open him in the browser a screen from which will be able to access to the meeting


Only it will have to write his name to go in. If it is the first time that connects to Skype Business by means of web, will download him an archive that will have to execute to install the web application.


Another interesting characteristic is the posiibidad to record the meeting. For this, from "More options", select "to Initiate recording"


Agendando A meeting

Skype Business offers us the possibility to program a meeting with antelación and invite to the people assistants. For this, will have to access to the Calendar of the platform Office 365 and create a new evento of calendar.


Once in the evento select "to Add meeting of Skype"

We fill up the fields required for the meeting, and add the contacts that will assist to her.

Selecting in "Sending" will send a post to the participants with the data of the meeting and the link to access to her.


We will be able to access to the meeting, from the application Skype Business, where will appear us in the eyelash of meetings

Or from the calendar of Office 365



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