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Audiovisual materials managed with vertex can be included in web pages created with Vual in 2 different ways:

1.- If the material is our (same user of Virtual Campus with which we access VUALA) or any profile which we are managers:




To insert a video, have to use the boton corresponding of the bar of tools (marked in red).

Incluir vídeo en Vualà

In the window that appears have to puncture in "Selecting a video of our place".

Seleccionar vídeo de nuestro sitio


They Will appear all the videos in which, from Vértice, have specified publication in Vualà.

Seleccionar vídeo de Vértice

Al select one of these videos, in Vualà will load automatically the dimensions of the video and the description that have entered in Vértice. Nevertheless, if we want to realise some change, can modify these parameters without problems.

Carga de los datos del vídeo

Al puncture in the button "Insert", will go back to the page web that were editing and will see a recuadro with the symbol of flash. In this zone is where will appear our video.

Espacio reservado para el vídeo

Has to take into account that, only will be able to see the video when we visualise the page like HTML, but no during the edition ofthe same . For example, using the button "Seen previous" Vista previa. Besides, the videos will not begin to reproduce until we do not press the button "play".

In the following image, can see an example of the final page.

Visualizar la página web


2.-If the material is not our (belongs to another user) but such material is posted in VUALA:

If we insert an audiovisual material is not ours in a page of flies that Yes we manage, we must press the inclusion of video in VUALA:


Incluir vídeo en Vualà


and in the box that appears below the URL in vertex of this material we put in the "Address" field.

For example, if we want to insert the video taken by the computing service on the use of electronic mail and about the danger of sending passwords by email at our website (link to this video on blogs of the si), given that the video does not manage we cannot do so following the process explained above.

What we do is press the button to insert video in flies and the address field will be the vertex of this video link:

Inserción de vídeos en VUALA

VUALA will substitute that link for the video in question provided the owner of the video it has previously published in flies. If it is not (the video is not posted in VUALA) or the video DOES NOT EXIST, VUALA will give an error saying that there is no such material:

Error en inserción de vídeos en VUALA



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