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Moodle UA

The audiovisual materials managed vertex can be entered easily in Moodle UA.

Audiovisual material can be public or private. In the first case, sufficient material is published in "External visibility" or anywhere else in public type publication. In the second case, we will have to elect as publication " UA Moodle " site. In this way, the single video will be accessible if it is embedded in one of the courses of the platform Moodle UA.

Publicación privada en Moodle

In any case, in our Moodle course, we must create a label (or page).

Crear etiqueta

In the text editor, create the link to the video of vertex. ( See how to get a video link ).

Editor de texto

After pasting the link, select it and make click in the button string to create the hyperlink.

Insertar hipervínculo

In the corresponding text box, we will paste the url of the video.

Pegando el hipervínculo

If, moreover, we specify the exact dimensions of the video, we will have to add a text at the end of the link, with the following format: #d = achoxalto

( See how to get the dimensions of a video of vertex ).

Especificando las dimensiones del vídeo

After saving the changes, the video will be embedded in Moodle.

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