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iTunesU And YouTubeEDU


iTunesU Constitute a section inside the iTunes Store, in which will be able to find all type of contents created with educational or cultural ends.

To visualise the videos of iTunesU, will have to have installed in our computer the free application iTunes. With iTunes, in addition to being able to reproduce, organise, synchronise (with iPods, iPhones, iPads...), buy and/or download multimedia files, is possible to do podcasting. That is to say, we can suscribirnos to a source so that, the files of the collection or podcasts, go downloading when they are available to reproduce them when we want to.

To access to the section iTunesU, first have to puncture in the left menu on "iTunes Store" and, when it load the page picharemos in the option "iTunesU" of the upper menu.

Acceso a iTunesU 1

From the main page of iTunesU, will be able to find easily the section of the University of Alicante if we looked for by Universities and, later, by country. For this, we have to puncture on the link "Universities & Colleges" situated in the right part of the screen.

Acceso a iTUnesU 2

It Will appear a screen with all the universities and schools that take part in iTunesU, ordered alfabéticamente. We can find the University of Alicante in "the Or", or use the desplegable "Country", to show only the Spanish universities.

Acceso a iTunesU 3_2

In the main page of the University will be able to find the audiovisual materials agrupados by collections. The collections of a video defined them when adding the metadatos compulsory to the same.

Acceso a iTunesU 5

It is not necessary suscribirse to a channel to visualise the contents. Simply we will have to situate the mouse on the video that want to reproduce and puncture on the icon "play" that appears (also can do double click on the title of the video). If we want to download a video, will have to press on the FREE corresponding "button" .

iTunesU 6

The videos downloaded will appear in "the LIBRARY" of iTunes, in the section iTunes Or. The number that appears, indicates the pending videos to be visualised.

iTunesU 7

YouTube - Education

Al publish in YouTube Education, our video will appear in the channel of the University of Alicante, inside the list of reproduction that coincide with the thematic appropriate. This information defined it in Vértice, when adding the metadatos compulsory to each audiovisual material.

Ejemplo vídeos en Youtube

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