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Version management

Vertex has a management system versions, which makes it possible that all the variations of a same video appear grouped. Versions of a video may involve a change of language or qualityin a copy that has been edited in some way, or simply in the track audio associated with the video.

When we coded a video using vertex, is automatically created a version of the software for mobile devices. In turn, if we carry out different types of encoding on the basis of the same file, they appear as associated versions. For example, if from the "file to encode" the image, select encoding type "VIDEO" and then repeat the process, but this time selecting encoding type "AUDIO", vertex associate automatically encoded video and audio.

Tipos de codificación

It is possible to manage versions of a multimedia material from the menu "Advanced options > versions > manage" which can be found in the upper left part of the screen of vertex. Previously, we have to select the material you want from the list of coded materials.

Menú versiones

The admin panel, a list of the different versions of a file. By default, will appear the versions detected automatically by vertex (those made from the same file encodings).

Versiones del mismo archivo

In addition to the versions generated automatically, we can indicate at any time, a coded material consists in a certain other material version. To do so, we have to select the material and indicate what type of version is: audio, quality, language or Edition.

Añadir versiones

Versions of a material are added manually, can be removed at any time. Not so with automatically generated versions. On the other hand, If the material that we indicate as version has, in turn, versions, these will also be added to the list. For example, the mobile version of the language version added manually in the image has been added also.

Versiones manuales

When he is displayed a video of vertex in the "actions" panel that appears on the right side of the screen, we will find the option "versions",

Panel acciones

In this way, users will have the option of access, a fast and simple way, to the version of the video or audio that interests them, without having to use the search engine to find the possible versions.

Ver versiones

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