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Vertex allows the creation and use of tags to organize our multimedia materials in a simple way. In addition, we have the option to hide or display our materials, depending on the visibility of the assigned tags. Labels can be visually identified by a colour and accompanied by a descriptive text.

Managing tags

The first step is to create our own labels. To do so we must access the menu "Advanced options > tags > manage", which can be found in the top left of the screen.

Menú etiquetas

In this menu will find the necessary options to create new tags and modify or delete existing ones.

Create a label

To create a new label, we will choose a color using the available selector by clicking and dragging the mouse over the color range. It is also possible to introduce a certain color, by specifying the values of RGB or HSB components or in hexadecimal format. To set the color, must click on the icon Icono para fijar el color .

In field "Description" we should introduce a text indicating what are going to use this tag. For example, we can write the name of a subject or of a course or any other type of classification that comes to mind.

Crear etiqueta

Finally, we click on the "Add tag" button to show it in the list of available tags.

Edit a tag

From the tags administration panel ("Advanced options > tags > manage"), can modify the color of a label as its text. To do this we must click on the icon Icono editar etiqueta . In the image, the last label of the listing appears in edit mode.

Editar etiqueta

With the buttons Iconos para aceptar o no los cambios can save the changes or reject them, respectively.

Remove a label

To remove a label must access the tags administration panel ("Advanced options > tags > manage") and click the icon Icono eliminar .

Configuring visibility of labels

We can change the visibility of a label from the menu "Advanced options > tags > display".

Menú etiquetas

For each label, you have the option to indicate whether or not it is hidden, but we must bear in mind that all the videos that have been previously assigned will be hidden to hide a tag,.

Visibilidad de las etiquetas

Assigning tags

In the "my tags" panel we'll see all tags created previously. The hidden tags are displayed with the icon of an eye closed on the square of its color. In the image, the green label is hidden and therefore all materials to which we assigned this tag will not display in the list.

Asignar etiquetas

To assign a label to a video we should click on it and, without releasing the mouse, drag it to the column "labels" of the material you want.

Movimiento drag and drop 1

Similarly, if we want to remove a label from a material, we must click on the square of corresponding color of the "tags" column and, without releasing the button, drag it to the trash available in the panel "my tags".

Movimiento drag and drop 2

As it can be seen in the image, it is possible to assign one or more tags to a same material. In case that there are several labels assigned, just that one of them is hidden, the material will hide.

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