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PUAs Manager: recording and management

Through Vertex, the users/ace can schedule and manage his PUAS by Internet.

This includes:

  • Schedule and request the recording of a PUA through a form web.
  • Consult the information and the state of this application.
  • Since the final result of a PUA is a multimedia archive in Vertex, the user/to will be able to manage it and publish it of the same form that does with any another multimedia archive in Vertex.


Access to the gestión of PUAS

To access to the gestión of PUAS, from the upper menu of Vertex choose the option "PUAS":


It opens the window of the form "Request or modify a PUA". From this page can:

  • Request the recording of a PUA, that will llevar in the Fragua, situated in the General Library.
  • Modify the information of an application that already has realised.


Application of a PUA by Internet

To request the recording of a PUA or several PUAS by Internet, access to the gestión of PUAS from Vertex, eyelash "Request or modify a PUA" and fill up the information:


To continuation, explains the information on the data required.

Applicant: it treats of the user or user of Vertex to the that will remain associated the PUA and that will receive the recording of the same once the technician or the technical have treated it and encoded. In this field can select between the user/to with which access to Vertex or, if we had it, any of the users/ace that manage (departamental accounts, of services, of groups of investigation, etc.).

Telephones of contact: Extension or telephone of contact that the user/to want to that it use from the Service of PUAS in case to be necessary the contact via telephone.

Author/to: By defect, the author of all the transmissions is the University of Alicante, but can specify another option.

Title: Title of the PUA. It will use like title in all the places of publication where appear this PUA.

Short name collection: it will be a short word under which will remain grouped all the PUAS that realise inside this application.  Can use the name of an already existent collection, in place to create a new, by means of the list desplegable Use collection already existent.

Use collection already existent: List of collections created and associated to the user/to that is realising the application.

Summary: Summary of the PUA. It will use like summary in all the places of publication where appear this PUA.

Web of the evento: In this field, if it proceeds, can put a direction web where appear a more complete information of the PUA, or a web where go to be published and was not a place of publication of the presented in Vertex.

Keywords: List of keywords related with PUA that goes record, separated by commas. These words will serve of help to find the PUA once published.

More users/ace: List of directions of EMAIL (do not have why be address email UA) separated by coma, of people that the applicant considers that they also have to be abreast of all the information related with this application. For example, mates or mates that go to realise recordings of PUAS inside this application. Or if, for example, the application recae on several people, here the applicant could put the emails of the rest of participants so that all were to the so much.

More telephones: Extension or telephone of contact that the user/to want to that it use from the Service of PUAS in case to be necessary telephone contact with any of the users/ace involved.

Observations: Any another information that the applicant want to do him arrive to the Service of PUAS on the same.

Bands of recording

The bands of recording are the sessions that go to realise in the Fragua with the technician/to for the recording of the PUAS. For this it will be necessary to effect reservations with accommodate of the dates that there is available, according to the calendar that shows . The days that appear of orange colour indicate that they exist free bands for this day. Every time that we puncture on an orange day, will appear in the form a table to select the time interval, that once confirmed by the technician/to, will turn into a reservation.

We can add so many bands as they are necessary. Each band that reserve will give place to the generation of a PUA. This means, that under a same application can reserve distinct sessions, that will generate his corresponding PUA.


It shows_bands


 Once we puncture to Add Band will be adding the distinct bands to the request, and will see them in the following table, from which, from now, will be able to visualise and follow the gestión of this recording.



When we have filled up all the data of the application, will press the button "Request". If the process of application has gone correct, will receive an email indicating the reception by part of the Service of PUAS of this application.

These bands in a principle will have the state of NO CONFIRMED, when the technician approve the application or the band, will happen to CONFIRMED, and the applicant and the involved, if there were them, will receive an email with all necessary information for the appointment and the future recording. Once the band was accepted, the applicant will not be able to delete it and will have to put in contact with the Service of PUAS ( to manage the incidence.



 Satisfied advance the gestión of the application and the recording or recordings are encoded by the technician or the technician these will be accessible from Vertex and the user/to will be able to manage and publish of the same form that does with any another multimedia archive. Likewise the applicant and the involved/ace will be informed by means of emails of each one of the states in that it finds the application and his bands. 


 Finalised the recording or recordings, and the gestión of the files generated, from the Service of PUAS will proceed to the closing of the application.


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