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¿How I can previsualizar a video after the coding?

After the coding, can visualise the video by means of the option "See video". You can use this option independently of if the video is published or no.

Previsualización Of a video

It will open a window of the browser in which it will begin to reproduce the video selected. In the right part of the window can visualise information concerning the video like the size and other technical data, and the metadatos that have added previously. All the data find in the eyelashes "Information" and "Actions".

Previsualización Of a video

Information of the eyelash Actions



¿How I can obtain the URL of a video to share it?

The URL of a video is the direction web that appears in the browser when puncturing in the option "See video". You can copy and hit this direction, for example, in an and-mail to send a link to the material or to link to the same from an own web. It remembers that so that other users can access to the video have to have marked the option of publication "external Visibility".

URL That links to the video



¿How I can happen him a video to another user of Vértice?

You can use the option "Give video", as long as the audiovisual material have not been published still. Take into account that, when using this option, the video will disappear of your profile and will appear in the profile of the person that indicate (with all the information that have added to the same).

Give video to another user

To realise this action, only have to know the and-mail of the addressee of the video and ensure you that this user has Vértice enabled in his profile of Virtual Campus.

Enter the and-mail of the user to the that him traspasamos the video

Message of confirmation of delivery of the video

When the user go in in Vértice, will appear a warning indicating that you have him traspasado the video.

Warning to the new owner of the video



¿How I can publish a video that have recorded in the FRAGUA?

When you record a video in the FRAGUA, the process of coding will realise it a technician. Once that this process have finalised and check that they do not exist errors, the video will appear in your profile in the eyelash "FRAGUA" so that you publish it where want to.

Videos recorded in the FRAGUA

The videos recorded in the FRAGUA are the superposición of a presentation with the explanation of the professor. In the following image can see an example.

Example of video FRAGUA



¿I can delete a video of Vértice anytime?

You can delete an archive of Vértice anytime, except if the material has been published in RUA. In this case you will not be able to delete it directly but, you will have to put you in contact with the administrator of RUA to delete the publication, and later can erase it of Vértice.

To delete a video have to use the option "Erase". Take into account that, when deleting an audiovisual material, this will delete also of the places in which it have been published previously (except in the case of RUA, already commented).

Erase video

The operation of erased can not undo, by what is recommended to have a copy of the video in the computer.

Message of confirmation for the elimination of the video



Once encoded the video, ¿can download it to reproduce it in my computer?

Yes, by means of the option "Download" can save the archive in your computer in the resultant format after the coding.

Download an archive

Save archive in the computer



¿I can use Vértice from house?

Yes, the application of Vértice is accessible from out of the University.

However, to the hour to go up files, recommend you that you work in the Campus of the UA. The reason is that, the connections of Internet for domestic use offer speeds of rise much slower that the available in the University.

The rise of an archive that, from the UA, would realise in a flash, home can take a considerable time, arriving to produce blockades by cancellations of the session of user.



If they pass 3 days since I went up the archive to Vértice, and have not realised the publication of the same, ¿the video will delete ?

When it realises the operation of rise of an archive to Vértice, what in reality are doing is to create a copy of the original archive in the server. From this moment, have 3 days to realise the coding of the archive in the format that you indicate. If they happen 3 days, without that you realise any action on the original file, this will erase . This does not involve the elimination of the already encoded archives, have been published or no.

Anyway, when tran scurran 48 hours without adding the archive to a tail of coding, will receive an and-mail warning you of the next erased of the original archive.

Post indicating the erased of files

The archives that already have been encoded, will not delete never automatically. Only you will be able to delete them manualmente, using the option "Erase".



¿How long it can be an archive in tail of coding? ¿I have to go in to the application constantly to know if it has encoded ?

After giving the order of coding, the archive adds to a tail. This wants to say that the time of coding can be very variable, depending of the number of requests of pending coding. The coding realises by strict order of arrival.

In the state of the archive will appear the word "tail". Whereas an archive remain in this state, will be possible to delete it. When your archive was the first of the tail, will begin the process of coding and the state will change to "encoding".

Once finalised the process of coding will send an and-mail to your account of email notifying it to you. In this way, you will not have to be going in constantly to the application to follow the process.

Post indicating that the file has been encoded



¿It exists some type of restriction of size for the original videos? ¿Of how much space have in Vértice?

The maximum size of rise of a video is of 1 GB. If you need to go up archives of greater size put you in contact with .

In principle, you have of boundless space in Vértice, although it can arrive to limit in case that it consumed all the space in available disk.



¿How I extract a photo of a video to be able to use it in Vértice?

You can realise a capture of just screen in the moment that appear the image that want to use. For this uses the key "Print screen".

Tecla print screen

To continuation, can use Paint to hit the image and recortar the part of the same that you want to use like miniature. Take into account that Vértice uses images of 150 x 150 px, therefore, tries to realise square cuts so that the image in miniature do not suffer deformations. In the right inferior part of the application can see the size of the area of selection.

Cut in Paint

Once selected the area, uses the option Copy. Next, it creates a new document and hits the image in miniature.

If you need help to create your miniatures, put you in contact with



Some windows of Vértice appear me cut and is not possible to access to some fields and buttons of the same. ¿What can do?

It checks that the resolution of your screen is like minimum of 1024x768. To work with Vértice is necessary to have of a resolution of 1024x768 or upper.

To check your resolution, from the desk do click with the right button of the mouse and selects "Properties".

Properties of the screen


In the eyelash "Configuration" will be able to see the resolution of the screen. In some cases will be able to increase it (will notice that the icons see smaller), but no always is possible.

Resolution of screen

If you need help put you in contact with



¿How can publish a video in an external web to the UA?

You have to copy and hit the following code in the position of the web in which you want to that it appear the video. It remembers that you only can do this if you can edit the code HTML of the page external web.

<object width="544" height="408" 

<param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" />
<param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />
<param name="flashvars" value='config={

"url": "",

"playerId": "player",

"scaling":"orig"}]}' />


The values that have to modify so that your video visualise show in red. They are:

  • The dimensions of the video, width and height. The values specify in pixels.
  • The go of the video that want to incrustar. We can obtain it from the screen of visualisation of the video in Vértice, as it explains in the separated Blogs UA.

    Go of a video

  • The automatic reproduction of the video, autoPlay. It can have the values "true" or "false", so that the reproduction initiate automatically when loading the page or no, respectively.


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