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Once go# up the file and before being able to publish it in any one of the multimedia portals of the UA, have to encode it.

Encode is the process by means of which, a multimedia file origin of any type adapt to the formats and standard necessary common technicians stop can be used by the servers that bear the different multimedia portals of the University of Alicante. It treats an of process technically complex that Vértice unseen to the user and whose result is another multimedia file that adjust to the most current standards of coding.

To encode a file, it is necessary to select it from the menu desplegable of files to encode. Selected the file, selected the profile of coding that need. There Are 3 profiles of available coding:

  • VIDEO: Profile of standard coding. We Will choose this profile when we want to have of a file encoded the most faithful possible to the file origin. If the resolution of the file origin does not surpass 1920x1080 respects this resolution. In contrary case keeps the relation of appearance.
  • VIDEO_MOVIL: The file resulted to encode a file origin with this profile, is a multimedia file that can reproduce the big majority of devices moviles current. It is tested that works in the following mobile devices:
    • iPod, iPhone, iPad
    • Android
    • Symbian (Nokia)
    • Sony PSP
  • AUDIO: when encoding with this profile, the multimedia file result is a file of audio. If the file origin is a file with video and audio, the file resulted is the track of audio of the file origin.

Selected the profile, have to accept the conditions of use. It is important to read and understand these conditions before encoding a file.

Finally, we pressed on the button "Add to earrings of coding" so that Vértice encode the file.

Codificación de un archivo

Al press this button will see like the file add to the tail of coding of Vértice:

Fichero en cola de codificación

Vértice Encode the files origin in order of application of coding. This wants to say, that when we added a file to encode, this will encode once that Vértice there is finalizado the coding of all the files that other users have put to encode before that the mio.

Fichero codificándose

Finalizada The coding, will receive an electronic post indicating the result of the coding as well as some statistical referents to the time employed in the process of coding.

If the coding failed, this post also it recibiran the technical managers of Vértice stop can solve the problem that have been able to arise.

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