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Vertex has a search engine designed to find any content multimedia public, managed by the application itself.

Home page of the Web site of vertex, there is an external link to the search engine. Thus, it is possible to use it without having to log on to vertex.

Acceso al buscador

There are 6 search criteria can be combined among themselves, in order to obtain more precise results. It is possible to search by title, author, keywords, actors, plabras of the summary and branches of knowledge.

Buscador de Vértice


This information, except for the actors, must necessarily be introduced by the owner of the video prior to publication. How much more detail information of a video, you can more easily appear as a result of a search related to the theme of the same.

Metadatos del vídeo

To search for a multimedia material, you must enter the terms or related terms and select the search criteria that are considered appropriate. By default, will be the term you entered in the title, author and keywords.


Resultados de una búsqueda


If you are using the search without entering any search term will display a list of all the public of vertex videos. If, moreover, is logged in the application, through Virtual Campus, in the list appear also all user videos, so if they have been published as if not. It is possible to identify what videos have not been published by the label "Not published".

Vídeos no publicados


The search is also accessible from any video of vertex. In the pen of viewing the video, we can find the "Search" link, to deploy the "actions" tab.

Acceso al buscador


It is possible to see a small demonstration in the following video-tutorial.

Play vídeo

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