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From Vértice, we can create collections of multimedia materials that are part of the same set and share a same theme, in order to publish them as a unit or course. In this way we can create the practices of a subject collections, collections of videos that form a course, etc.

Creating collections is based on the use of labels and the possibility of setting up a display of the different videos or audios of the collection order.

Creating collections

The first step is to indicate which label or labels will be transform into collections. To do this we must access the menu "Advanced options > tags > manage" which can be found in the top left of the screen.

Menú etiquetas

In the tags Management window, we'll mark the checkbox in the column "collection" of those labels that you want to transform into collections. (Visit the "tags" section if you need more information about the use of the same).

Convertir etiquetas en colecciones

All multimedia materials to which we assign one of these tags will become part of a collection.

Managing collections

We can see the collections that we have created and manage them from the "Collections" tab.

Pestaña para administrar colecciones de vídeos

From here you can determine the order of the videos within the collection, add descriptive information and publish the collections in the allowed sites.

Rearranging the materials in a collection

To determine the order of materials, must click on the name of the collection (from the "Collections" tab) or from the panel "my tags", by clicking on the name of the same.

Nombre de la colección

El nombre de la etiqueta es un link a la pantalla de gestión de colecciones

In the window that appears, we can see all materials that are part of the set.To change the display order we must click on something and drag it to the desired position.

Reordenando colecciones

The order that is set to Vértice for materials within a collection will be the order which will later use the multimedia portals (RUA, iTunesU, Audiovisual Portal, etc.) to show the different items within a collection

Adding information

As it happens with materials on an individual basis, prior to the publication we have to set the metadata for the collection. To do this, after selecting the desired collection, we click on the button "add information".

Metadatos de la colección

If a material in the collection already has its own metadata, these will be maintained. On the other hand, if it still had information, to play the video we see the metadata entered in the collection information. In any case, the possibility of individual metadata or the collection display depends on the conditions of the portal in which it is published.

Publishing collections

Using the button "manage publications" we may publish all materials in a collection at one time.

It is important to know that all common publishing sites will not always be available. Two requirements must be met before you can publish a collection at a specific site:

  • The place of publication should allow the publication of collections.
  • The format of all the materials of the collection must be allowed in the publishing site.

Lugares disponibles para publicar colecciones

As happens with individual materials, prior to the final publication of a collection in one of the external as RUA, Audiovisual Portal or iTunesU, multimedia portals this publication will be confirmed by the portal administrator. Therefore, when we check the option of posting to any of these websites, the publication will not be effective and visible in the portal until it is not confirmed by the administrator. Similarly, if you modify a collection (change the meta-information is added or removed any video or audio) already published and confirmed, the collection was despublicaría until the administrator will confirm these changes.Throughout this process, vertex informs the user about the status of your request for publication using informational emails.

VUALA collection example:

Cargando colección de vídeos ...

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