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Basic Edition


The Basic Edition allows to generate one new video from another. To be held entirely processing on the server is not necessary to install any software on your computer.

To access, we will choose the video to edit, and click on the basic edit button Edición Básica the browser will show up a new window showing the video.

The functionality provided is intended to provide basic editing tasks, but if you want to more control and precision on the operations carried out on the video, it should use a suitable editing software.


We will have to be able to manipulate the video:

  1. Determine a fragment of the video.
  2. Choose the type of operation to perform.
  3. Click on run.
Determine a fragment of the video: set start and end

Both the start and the end of the fragment can select:

  • manually: typing in the appropriate field the moment in the format HH: mm: SS (for example 00: 30: 40 for 30 minutes 40 seconds).
  • Automatically (recommended): use the slider to move the video to desired date.
    deslizador de búsqueda
    and then press the button "Now". This can do this both for the home and for the end of the segment, in addition to establishing the end of the segment to the value at the end of the video click the "End" button.
Type of operation

Currently operations they can perform on a video are:

  • Extract a fragment. The generated video contains only a portion of the video original, corresponding to the distance from specified initial instant to the final moment.
  • Delete a fragment. The generated video is the same as the original but does not contain the portion between specified initial instantly and the final moment.
Button run

Once determined segment of the video and the type of operation to perform, we will have to click on run. If everything has gone right will see us an informational message, indicating that a job in the queue of the server processing has been added. If some data is missing, is us he shall notify him to correct it. After this information window closes back to the main page of vertex.

You may check that the job is queued either processed in the "pending codification" tab, as any other work of codification but in this case with the CORTEFC type. Once the work is completed, we can go to the tab where the original video and check that another video has been created without deleting the original and with similar name but with an added suffix.

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