To save documents on the local hard drive make sure that when you connect is checked box 'units' in the next window

Conexión a Escritorio remoto

When 'Units' is marked, network drives that allow access to local units will be created automatically on the local PC (usually referred to as "c/d/e... in nombreDelPC"). These units are available, for example, when trying to save a document from Internet Explorer and other browsers, also in Aula Virtual programs, from different databases...


To select the hard disk already within the application local must type in "File name" in the "Save file" dialog box the following line \tsclient\C and press enter if it is on drive C where we want to save the query, or \tsclient\D if it is in D as shown in the following window

Guardar como

Press enter and we're on our hard drive C.

Guardar como en disco duro