Measures against the Computer Viruses in the University of Alicante IT Service

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Measures against the Computer Viruses in the University of Alicante

It has of two corporate licences of antivirus for his installation by the distinct users of the University in his personal teams: PANDA CLOUD for teams with provision lower and ESET ENDPOINT for the majority of teams. Both licences allow the automatic update of this program and provides to the user an additional protection against virus that use roads of distinct entrance to the email. It is responsibility of the user have installed the antivirus and properly updated if it wishes to have this protection.

local network is designed to minimize the impact of viruses and worms. There is a corporate firewall that enables the filtering of ports used by worms and the new network are used for isolating Virtual Network departmental networks and prevent the spread of the virus or worm that user entered on your personal computer .

University collaborates with other universities, the academic network and the Early Warning Antivirus Center of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade in deteccióny measures to minimize the impact of viruses .

Much of the problems of viruses are generated by the behavior of users are unaware that a series of basic measures to minimize the risk. To try to solve this problem was drafted and circulated to all staff with a booklet of basic safety recommendations.

Finally out that much of the virus alerts that are received via email is so-called "hoax" and virus alerts from antivirus systems of other organizations, as described briefly in the first point of this writing, in no case carry viruses. The latest viruses are falsifying email addresses to try to create the recipient from a known user and to infect, when the system detects virus prevents this message reaches the destination user clears the virus and the sender sends an email message indicating that the message contains a virus. As the sender is spoofed message reaches a user who is not infected by creating unjustified alarm. This situation, given the large number of computers infected by viruses in the rest of the Internet, causing the arrival of all accounts of the University of several such mails daily. To prevent the display of these emails, you can configure mail filters as described in the " Establishment filter spam messages against or spam "

The problem of filters is the ability to delete any message, you must be careful in their aplicacióny be aware that the risk of losing a valid message.

Despite all these measures can not guarantee the absence of virus in the University. And although so far the system has responded well it is possible that a new type of virus can prevent protection systems to appear before the appropriate corrective measures. The problem is not unique to the University of Alicante but affects all organizations that have personal computers.