Multimedia services


The Multimedia Networking Unit in the Computing Service of the University of Alicante is the unit inside the Computing Service that maintains the necessary technical infrastructure and offer, to all the university staff, several services in the field of Networking Multimedia.


Services, resources and tools

Services, resources and tools offered by this unit:

Service of videoconference (

The Videoconference service offers services, advice and resources for doing professional videoconferences to all the staff of the university.


Contact email:

Room of videoconference

Videostreaming (

The Service of Videostreaming of the University of Alicante offers the possibility to stream through Internet any event happening in one of the enabled rooms . To be able to follow one of these streamings, is only necessary to have a computer connected to Internet.

Check out the agenda of scheduled public streamings (past and future) through:

Web streaming


Web of the service:

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Terms and Conditions:

Streamings from no enabled spaces:


Servers of Video and Videostreaming. Storage, conservation and distribution. Vertice (

Vértice, web application in UACloud (Virtual Campus) for the management of the multimedia material generated in the UA. This includes, between other things:

- Uploading materials.

- Encoding.

- Branding.

- Basic edition.

- Cataloging.

- Publication in any of the UA sites such as:

* UACloud, UADrive, UAMateriales.


* BlogsUA


* Portal Audiovisual.

* Several external channels such as:

YouTube (

iTunesU (


Web of the service:

Contact email:

Terms and Conditions:

Multimedia Content Production Laboratory (

Professional digital program ( ) is designed to promote the national industry of digital content through the training of future professionals and the promotion of collaboration between universities and companies in the sector. The universities participating in the program have developed a training offer around digital content which is complemented with the centres of experimentation that there are on each campus.

The University of Alicante began their participation in this program by the end of 2008, thanks to which the UA was endowed with different hardware that covered different areas related to the creation of digital content, such as:

  • Audiovisual production (computer equipment, cameras, lighting, microphones, mixers, software, wiring, etc.)
  • Motion capture (equipment and associated software from motion capture).
  • Virtual reality (farm rendering, RV and 3D software 3D generation, etc).

This equipment has centralized on a single physical space within the reach of all the University comunididad located on the ground floor of the General library called le Laboratory of creation of Multimedia content .






Terms and conditions: Rule of use of the installations of the Laboratory of Creation of Multimedia Contents

How to use it:  Application of use of the Laboratory of Creation of Multimedia Contents


Recording PUAs (

Recording PUAs (formative Pills of the University of Alicante). PUAs are videos of short length that serve like support to the processes of education+learning.

Example of PUA:



Contact Email:

Terms and Conditions:


Maintenance and synchronisation of the external web channels of the UA such as iTUnesU or YouTube

One of the functions of the Multimedia Networking Unit of the Computing Service is to keep the programming and the necessary technical infrastructure so that multimedia contents that reside in Vértice are synchronised with the external channels of the UA such as iTunesU or YouTube.


itunes youtube


Through this channel APIs, the processes of upload, cataloging, organisation, etc. of the materials of Vértice that the user has decided to show in said channels, happen in automatic way.

It is necessary to take into account that this portals are very active and very dynamic and change and update their APIs very frequently which requires an almost constant maintenance of said programming and the related scripts.

Advice and technical support in any initiatives related with networking multimedia

  • Diffussion Screens

The Networking Multimedia Unit of the Computing Service together with the Faculty of Sciences has installed a total of 5 diffussions screens in different spaces of this Faculty: Buildings of Optics, Sciences 1 and Sciences 2. The aim of these screens is that the Faculty can show to his students immediate information and updated on questions that can affect or interes them: urgent warnings, periods of registration, talks or programmed events, institutional advertising, videos of course openings, etc.

Each one of these screens is connected to a RaspBerri PI device which, immediately after receiving current, reproduces a determinate channel of streaming devoted exclusively for this faculty.

The content spread by this channel, is launched and decided in each moment by staff of the Faculty of Sciences.

Screens diffusion sciences


  • Voice IP draft (Asterisk+Kamailio) of the Computing Service

In year 2007 a VOip draft was set up for testing inside the Computing Service based in Asterisk + Kamailio (ancient OpenSER). Based in softphones, at present uses it like system of permanent  telephony the personnel of the unit of Multimedia in Network, as well as it splits of the team of operation of the Service of Computing or other users of the same service that request to use it.

It installed a gateway of telephony which allows called between terminal IP and any another call that arrive from the general switchboard of the UA (internal extensions, external numbers, etc.)

  • Massive recording of classes

During the course 2013-2014 mounted a maqueta complete for the recording neglected of classes based in Matterhorn-Opencast . While the technical part is very advanced, arose other questions especially of gestión and educational organisation that caused that the project remained stopped.


  • Resources for audio multiconferences

We have several systems with which can realise telephone conferences. It treats of calls of common telephone but  by means of a terminal with microphone and speaker omnidireccional that allows that several people in a same space can participate in a telephone conference.

Telephone conference

It is a good solution when it does not have of the sufficient resources as to realise a videoconference.

  • Creation or conditioning of spaces (classrooms, living rooms of acts, etc.) to be able to loan services of this type.

Together with the Technical Office, the Workshop of Image, Support to the Teaching and in general, any another centre of the UA that like this require it, collaborate in the design, purchase, installation and configuration of elements, spaces, services or resources with determinate multimedia characteristics that the university want to create or modify to put to disposal of the users.


  • Maintenance of the reproductores multimedia used in the distinct webs of the UA (at present Flowplayer HTML5).

All the channels multimedia web of the UA that present multimedia capacities (UACloud, UADrive/UAMateriales, MoodleUA, BlogsUA, VUALA, Vertex, etc.) require a reproductor multimedia updated (HTML5/Flash/HLS/Mpeg-Dash) that allow his use in the maximum number of possible devices so much for loose videos already recorded (VOD), videos occurring in direct (streaming) or collections of the same. From this unit, keep and program of form centralised this reproductor with the end to offer a service homogeneo was cual was the web or portal that do use of the same.