Setting up your mailbox SPAM filters IT Service

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Setting up your mailbox SPAM filters

Spam or unsolicited mail messages refer to those that are sent indiscriminately to a large number of recipients.

Senders of these messages are unknown, they normally come from abroad and contain a subject line in English reporting sex or money issues.

They are usually easy to spot, so the problem lies in the waste of time reviewing and eliminating these types of messages, even though we do not end up opening them, which would add a problem if the message contains a virus. 

Also, we tend to receive more and more junk mail over time because senders keep collecting as many email addresses as they can and in this way they expand their lists of recipients.

The way to stop these unsolicited messages is to use filters in the mail manager.

We recommend you read carefully the information below from the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute’s Internet User Security Office (OSI): (information only available in Spanish)

Antispam mailbox filters: what are they for and how to set them up (Why you are getting unsolicited messages, advantages and disadvantages of filtering unsolicited messages, etc.).