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Email request

Users of this service have a mailbox located on an electronic post office managed by the University computing service and can pick up their messages through any mail program that supports the protocol POP3 (eg.) ( Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Mail...) or IMAP (eg.) ( Webmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Mail...)

To access the e-mail service you need:

For applications of electronic mailboxes as well as the application of new passwords, must be addressed:

The name of the mailbox, better known as email address or E-Mail address has the form: buzón@oficina_de_correos. The post Office managed by the information technology service of the University of Alicante is name, therefore, the mailbox of a user whose name was Antonio Martínez Riquelme could be:

Estructura dirección de correo electrónico

Actions on accounts into disuse

The computing service can perform the following actions on those accounts which carry more than the indicated time without making readings of the mailbox: