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How to work with Moodle UA

Moodle Is a platform of gestión of educational contents or LMS (Learning Management System). It has of a collection of tools of diverse characteristics to help to the profesorado to create and manage all type of activities and useful resources for the learning that later will be accessible for the alumnado through Internet.

The steps to be followed to request the use of Moodle in an asignatura concrete are the following:

  • The coordinator of an asignatura will be able to request the use of Moodle UA, through the app of UACloud "CV Other services", from the menu "educational Gestión > Moodle".
  • After the approval of the application, the access to Moodle UA will realise through the app available in UACloud.

If once validated the application wishes the inclusion again profesorado, this will have to have teaching assigned in the asignatura and will have to realise the request through the email

The most generalised use by part of our users is the one of support to the face-to-face training: offer contents to the students and realise a back evaluation by means of tasks and questionnaires.

Instructions for the realisation of the application

The coordinator of the asignatura will be able to cursar the solicituda través of the app of UACloud "CV Other services", from the menu "educational Gestión > Moodle".

In the first block of data, the coordinator has to select:

  • The academic course for which requests the use of Moodle.
  • The asignatura. Has to take into account that in the desplegable only will appear the asignaturas in which the professor was coordinator in the academic course selected, therefore the professor has to have teaching assigned.
  • The category to which belongs the asignatura. The categories are the branches of knowledge specified for the Degrees. Also it exists a category for asignaturas of Másteres official, another for asignaturas of Specialists, a more for university Experts and a last for courses of complementary Training.

Data: academic course, asignatura and category

To continuation, appear two no compulsory fields:

  • It shares Moodle with: when two or more asignaturas of Virtual Campus, merge in an alone asignatura of Moodle, in this picture of text has to specify the code of the others asignaturas separated by comma. It is necessary to take into account that, although there is fusion of asignaturas in Moodle, has to fill up the corresponding application for each one of the asignaturas of Virtual Campus.
  • Observations: here it can add any observation that consider timely. For example, can use for the application of modules or extra functionalities. Also we offer the service of import of asignaturas of previous courses that want to reutilizar. If you wish to use this service have to indicate it in the field "Observations".

Data 2: merge asignaturas, observations

Next, they will appear the groups of theory of the asignatura. The coordinator will be able to mark or desmarcar the groups that consider timely, so that only the groups of marked students will have access to Moodle.

This option could use to generate 2 (or more) asignaturas in Moodle with different groups in each one of them. For example, one for the normal groups and another for the group PLOUGHS.

Example of groups of theory

Finally, it shows the section of profesorado of the asignatura. Here they will appear all the professors with teaching assigned in the asignatura selected. For each one of them can specify the role that goes to have in Moodle: "Professor" or "Professor without permissions of edition". Also it is possible to indicate that a professor do not participate in Moodle, in whose case, this professor will not have access to the asignatura created in Moodle UA.

Data 3: professors of the asignatura in Moodle

To finalise, the coordinator has to puncture in "Sending the application".

Button to send the application

Once that the application was validated, will receive an informative email. From this moment will be able to access to Moodle through the app corresponding of UACloud.

Access to Moodle UA

The access to Moodle UA will realise through the app disponibe in UACloud. Justo under the button "Go in", will appear a link that will allow us access to the Moodle of the academic year immediately previous.

Access to Moodle UA from UACloud

Synchronisation of students

The synchronisation of students from Virtual Campus to Moodle realises of automatic form. It is not necessary that the coordinator realise any action.

This operation will llevar of morning, with what the alumnado will have access to Moodle the next day of the creation of the asignatura in Moodle (if they already were officially enrolled in the same) or the next day of his official registration (whenever the asignatura already was created in Moodle).

Moodle UA

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