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Evaluation guide

Evaluation guide is one of the methods of advanced qualification which includes Moodle assessment tasks. This method consists in defining a set of criteria that will be taken into account when assessing the task and the maximum for each score.

Students can view the evaluation criteria and indications that you specify. In this way, will have a guide of how they have to perform the task.

Creating evaluation guide

In Moodle, at the moment, we can only use this scoring method in the activities of the task type.

To configure a task, in the "qualifications" section you can indicate as scoring method evaluation guide.

Configuración del modo de calificación en la tarea

In this case, click on "save changes and show" we will access to a screen in which you can choose Create a new form from scratch or use a previously created template. In this case, we are left with the first option.

Crear nueva guía de evaluación desde cero

In the form, we will have to provide a name and a description of the new evaluation guide, and then create the list of criteria we are going to assess. For each of the criteria, we will introduce a description for students, another for policymakers to assess the task and finally, the maximum score that can be obtained in this section.

It is important to know, if the sum of the note of each criterion is different from the value assigned as top task rating, the qualification shall adjust automatically and proportionately to the maximum task qualification.

Definición de criterios de la guía de evaluación.

It is possible to add as many criteria as we deem appropriate by pressing the corresponding button.

In addition to the criteria, we have the option of creating predefined responses that we can use in the comment fields.

Comentarios predefinidos

Before putting the Guide, we can set a couple of options related to the visibility of the criteria or scoring of the same by the students.

Opciones de la guía de evaluación

Finally, we can store Guide and leave prepared for evaluation or save it as a draft to continue editing at a later date. In any case, while the evaluation guide is in draft State not you can use it to qualify the task.

It is possible to edit the evaluation guide or modify his draft status accessing the page of score advanced from the Administrationpanel, the menu "task management > advanced qualification".

Panel de administración de la tarea

Evaluating the tasks

The assessment through a guide is performed as of any other task, with the particularity that, when accessing the screen of score of each student, we can view the criteria.

Calificando mediante la guía de evaluación

In the picture we can see some details marked with a number in red:

  1. The description entered when creating the evaluation guide.
  2. For each criterion, we have a box to insert comments.
  3. We must specify the score, by typing the note in the appropriate box. At all times we will know the maximum qualification defined for each criterion.
  4. Here are displayed the predefined comments that you have created previously. To use them, first we will place the cursor in the comment box that you want, and then click on one of the predefined comments.
  5. You can hide or show, the descriptions indicated for the teacher and the student in each of the criteria.

The grade obtained by the student, with the data from the example shown in the picture would be: 1.5 + 0 + 4 + 2 = 7.5. Taking into account that the maximum task score is 100, the result that the student would see is 7,5 * 10 = 75.

If we have already described some task, and subsequently modify the assessment guide or the score of the task, the note is not automatically recalculated. We would have to re-enter the evaluation of each of the students page and save the changes. In this case, obscure Guide rating, along with the scores, affected students until you recalculate your note.

Reusing evaluation guides

When in a job evaluation as a method of rating guides we choose, we have the option to create a new one from scratch, or reuse an existing one. By default, only the Moodle administrator can make templates available throughout the site evaluation guides for all teachers. But, this does not mean that we do not reuse previously created by us guides.

In the advanced rating screen, choose "create a new form of qualification from a template".

Crear una guía a partir de una plantilla existente

In the search box, we must first check the "include my own forms" and then click on the "Search" button. If we do not introduce any search text, will appear all guides created by us. Of course, if you want to narrow your search we can introduce the necessary text.Buscador de rúbricas

In the list on the left, we can see that task belongs every evaluation guide, along with your name and description. Also a button that allows you to select the guide you want appears. On the right is displayed the evaluation guide complete, with a description of the score and used options.

Buscando plantillas existentes

We must keep in mind that, although let's start the guide of evaluation from another already existing, we can make the modifications that are appropriate without this having any effect in the original Guide.

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