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Practices in company


Practices in company





In Practices in company participate four types of actors. Each one of these actors accesses to distinct utilities:

  • Alumnado: My practices, Communication, Questionnaire.
  • Tutors UA: Gestión, Communication, Students.
  • External tutors: Gestión, Communication, Students, Questionnaire.
  • Managing/Offices: Communication, Practical, Questionnaire.



My practices


The alumnado accesses from here to his practices.





From this utility accesses to:

  • The web of practices, in which tutors and alumnado request the squares, in accordance with the available offer.

  • The and-Adm of the UA, where will be able to obtain supporting documents or realise formalities (for example, sign the Agreement of Practices).


Page of the Web of External Practices: access, information and guides of use.

Information for the alumnado.


Gestión of the tutor


Web of practices







In this section of facilitates to the users a direct access to the utilities of communication of UACloud.







The tutors, so much of the UA like external, access here to a relation of his students.






The agents access here to listings of students of agreement to distinct criteria of research.







With this utility the agents create and assign questionnaires/poll, that will be answered by the students or the external tutors.






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