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Student guide: 
Enrolment via the UACloud

Academic Management Service.



A new UACloud application for registering in any of UA study programmes.

This is a new tool integrated into the process of adaptation and updating the ones already existing in the Virtual Campus (CV Other Services).

This application enables:

  • Access to the system to complete and modify enrolment.
  • Check deadlines for each study programme you are enrolled in.
  • Get a written proof of your enrolment (in one or several degrees).
  • Include the required bank data to set up direct deposit.
  • Access to links with relevant information: secretary's offices of your faculties, student insurance, funding, instructions and enrolment information.


The self-enrolment program is very easy and offers you online help even if you are not a frequent computer user.

The Academic Management Service (AMS) issues an enrolment guide every year (AMS supporting documents).

When you start the enrolment process, the default option is Start/Modify


Iniciar el proceso de matrícula


Several options are available from the drop-down menu "Enrolment"


Opciones de matrícula




This section allows you to check enrolment deadlines for the degree programmes you have applied. The red asterisk states that the deadline has expired.


Plazos de matrícula asignados









This section allows access to the enrolment process. It is divided into three large groups:


For access to the enrolment process, the following is required:

  • Have an academic record open.
  • Have an enrolment appointment arranged.
  • Have enrolment period open.



Acceso al proceso de matrícula



If you were not allowed to have access to the enrolment process, the information icon will provide you the reasons.


No está abierto el proceso de matrícula



No hay cita de matrícula



Proof of enrolment 


The proof of enrolment will state general data on your enrolment details (courses, credits, typology, etc.).


Justificante de matrícula


Direct deposit


New students or those who have never set up a direct deposit for UA payments should first create their account by clicking on Add account.


Crear cuenta domiciliada


This screen allows you to insert the new bank account details.


Añadir nueva cuenta


Should you have set up a direct deposit previously, certain data could be retrieved and you will only need to complete the remaining data by editing the form.

Once completed (including postal data if the holder is different from the student), you should print out the document “SEPA direct debit payment scheme”.


Domiciliación SEPA


For direct debit to be effective after completing all data,
you should print out the document and, once signed by the holder of the account,
submit it to your Faculty or School secretary's office within the deadline established.






here you will be given those University of Alicante web pages directly related to the enrolment process:

  • Secretary's offices of faculties and other administrative centres.
  • Student insurance.
  • Funding.
  • Enrolment instructions.
  • Enrolment information.


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