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  • Available with the schedules of alumnado and profesorado. Próximamente Will activate for PAS.

  • Initially they show the schedules of theoretical and practical classes.

  • In brief will show the official examinations, the deliveries of practices, the partial examinations, etc.

  • It allows the export of the schedules, global or divided, for his utilisation in other utilities or devices.


Options of Schedules



My schedule


In this option of the menu have access to the evento:

  • Can visualise the schedules of the day, of the week or of the month.
  • Can activate or desactivar the distinct schedules in function of the interests of the user.


Navigation by the calendar:

  • The buttons from above to the right allow to change between the seen by day, week and month.
  • The buttons from above to the left allow to displace by the calendar, going to the previous or following day, week or month %u2014depending on the sight in which you find you.
  • The button %u201CToday%u201D helps to go back quickly to the current day.


The user of the following example is so much PDI like student/to:

  • It has desactivado his schedules of theory and practical like student/to.
  • Only they visualise his schedules like PDI.


Sight of the schedule of the PDI


The user can puncture in each one of the evento and opens a window with the location of the same (SIGUA).





This is the appearance of the weekly schedule of the alumnado.


Sight of the alumnado






The export of each calendar selected allows to obtain a file iCal.


If from your mobile device have problems with the download of the file,
You have to download it from a desktop computer and send it to you by post to your device.

To continuation realises the satisfied import correspond to your application of calendar.

Can choose between opening (will load automatically in the device) or save the file (to matter it from the corresponding application).


Matter an archive provides an instantaneous of the evento in the moment of the export.

In no case there is an automatic synchronisation.

Since the schedules can suffer modifications, maybe was necessary to export them and matter them again.

Take into account that when loading the schedule more than once generate duplicities and keep ancient time bands.

To avoid duplicities recommends erase previously the ancient registers.





Open or save


The correct visualisation of the data can vary in function of the application in which they will be used.

We recommend to consult the instructions of each application.

Matter or subscribe to a calendar in or Outlook in the web

Matter evento to Google Calendar











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