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Personal data


Here, users are provided with their corporate information in three blocks:

  • Personal
  • Administrative (contract type, current status, commitment, etc.)
  • Work history (contracts and job positions, stating periods, status, etc.)

In all cases, users have a tool available to notify of any incidences to the University Staff Division. Users will be sent an email with the incidence they have reported.


Datos administrativos del PDI



Datos administrativos del PAS



Economic data


Users can view their economic information in several sections:

  • Other payments (bonus).
  • Bank details (data of the account holding the salary where users can report incidences).
  • Payslip (as a novelty, users can also report incidences).
  • Taxpayer data (income tax certificate).
  • Productivity (administrative staff).
  • Regional tranches (academic and research staff).

Note that the economic information can be already consulted from off our corporate network


I use Explorer browser and have problems with access to UACloud economic data





Academic data


 This information can be found in several sections and incidences can be reported to the Recruitment & Training Service.

  • Certified courses
  • UA High Quality Groups
  • Taught courses
  • Seminars, conferences...
  • Academic record


Servicio de Selección y Formación 




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