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Two assessment tools were available in VC Other Services: Achievement Tests and Tests.

This new app replaces them in UACloud:
Here, the academic staff can assign tests, midterm exams, submit assignments and computed tests.


Opciones del menú de Evaluación


- Add, Manage, Marks, Hand Back Papers and Exam Dates are the tools available for academic staff.

- My tests and My Marks are the tools available for students.



Add (Academic staff)


Six types of tests can be created:

  • Computed test.
  • Practical test.
  • Theoretical test.
  • Control test (this option will be active from academic year 2016-2017). These tests will be created through app Questionnaires (also from academic year 2016-17), although they will be assign from here. If you still need this type of test, you can always use the tool from VC Other Services).
  • Individual assignment submission.
  • Mark list.


Crear examen



Tipos de controles


The creation process can be easily followed with the assistant wizard in four steps:

  1. General data: Exam type and title.
  2. Details: General data for all groups assigned. dates and times are the only compulsory fields. Depending on th etype of test, other details can be specified.
  3. group assignment.
  4. Timetable and classrooms: only if required for a certain group. This step can be left out and create th etest directly.


When data is the same of all groups, you have option "Replicate data from first group to the rest".


Configuración de una prueba por grupos




"Manage" (Academic staff)


The features of a test can be modified from this option provided that it has not been created by students.

The list can be organised according to the items available from the table head.


Gestionar mis pruebas



  • For you to see the features of a a test:  Caracteristicas
  • For you to see to edit or modify a test: Editar una prueba
  • For you to delete a test: Borrar



"Marks" (Academic staff)


 This section offers four options:

  • Results.
  • See marks.
  • Edit on screen.
  • Upload file.





The test results can be viewed from here, including data charts with several options.




See marks


This option allows users to get either a list with the marks already included or download the files whose data would be automated afterwards.

Obtener listados


  • Option "Excel format" allows users to get a file to upload marks from this tools.
  • Option "Excel for final mark records format" allows users to get a file to upload marks on Final Mark records app.

Descargar fichero


Descargar fichero para subir notas a actas



Edit on screen


Teachers can include the marks of the tests (either computed, practical or theoretical and a list with marks). By selecting the first drop-menu, they get a list with the tests they have created.

next, they will need to choose the group, data they want to view, type of marks they want to include, filter student type (if required) and the list organisation.

From the student's name, teachers go directly to their individual information sheet.

 Gestionar notas


Upload file


This tool can be used to automatically upload marks using a file. Please, follow instructions on the file format.


Subir notas desde un fichero


Ayuda sobre los formatos de los ficheros de notas



Practical assignment submission (Academic staff)


Teachers can be sent and mark the practical assignments submitted by students, either individually or collectively (according to the maximum number established when creating the "practical assignment submission").



Examination dates (Academic staff)


This option allows the academic staff  to check the dates (and further details) of both the official exams and the tests already created and assigned by teachers.

Official exams can be viewed groupped together by session or by course subject.



My tests (Students)


Students can view dates (and further details) of both the official exams and the tests already created and assigned by teachers.

Students have the option to take multiple-choice tests and submit their practical assignments from here.


Ver mis controles



My marks(Students)


Students can be view from here their test marks. It is important to distinguish between this type of marks and the final official marks listed on their academic record.


Ver mis notas de controles




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