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  UADrive provides a space to accommodate documents, files and teaching materials
to either share them individually or assign them to teaching groups.

Tips you need to know about UADrive (computer graphics)




  • Files can be uploaded by dragging them from the desktop.
  • You will experience a typical desktop browsing behaviour, allowing you to create folders and subfolders.
  • You will be able to share files and folders with the university community.
  • You will have a bin folder available with the possibility to restore deleted files.
  • Files and folder can be downloaded simultaneously.
  • A contextual menu (right button) will provide you with the basic functions.
  • User-friendly allocation materials and folders to students. The Teaching Materials application can provide you with an abstract report with the materials of each subject and a "Student Profile View".
  • file can be updated without deleting its publications and/or divisions.
  • The organisation of files and the search function will help you to have access and manage the file.
  • Students will initially not have space available to upload documents. They can only have access to the files shared by lecturers and administrative staff. We are working to allocate some space for students.


UADrive presentation sessions 
   Upon request to the departments and administrative offices, 45 m, groups of at least 10 people 
Form to request a session



My space


My space provides users with files that

  • they have uploaded themselves (e.g. by dragging them from the desktop).
  • they have processed with Vértice tool (multimedia materials).
  • have been shared with them by other UA members.
  • they have imported from the Virtual Campus materials.


  Mi espacio


Find next the description of the function of each symbol:


Ir al inicio

Go home.

Subir un nuevo archivo

Upload a new file.

Crear una nueva carpeta

Create a new folder.

Ir a la papelera

Go to the bin folder.



Publish as teaching material.


Students can have access to these resources through the tool UATeaching Materials.

Modificar o eliminar publicación de un material docente

Modify/Delete publication of teaching material.

Informe de publicación de material docente

Teaching material publication report.

Informe de visualización o descarga

Viewing and/or downloading report.


Share. Three possible actions here:

- View.
Users can only view the file.
- Edit.
Users can modify the file.
- Co-owner.
Users have total control, they can even forbid access to the original owner.

Publicar en RUA

Publish in RUA.
Ver View.

Users can preview the document as long as they are in pdf, jpg, png or  gif format.
Descargar Download.

Users can download both individual files and folders.
Mover a... Move to...

When a file/folder is moved to another folder, it will be assigned the same attributes as the latter (with whom they are shared, what students they were assigned to ...) and they will miss those attributes they had so far.
Modificar Modify.
Eliminar Delete.

This function sends the document to the recycling bin folder. Therefore, it can be restored.


When you click with the mouse right button on a file, a contextual menu is displayed to give you access to the same functions mentioned above:


Menú contextual



Shared with me


 The files shared with you by other users should be accepted by you.

 The symbols available here allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Access to all those documents that have been already accepted.
  • Access to the documents pending to be accepted.
  • See the documents that have been blocked.


Documentos compartidos conmigo  


Go to accepted requests.

  Documentos pendientes de aceptación


Go to requests pending to be accepted.

  Documentos bloqueados


Go to request blocked (they can be unblocked).



 Please note that the permissions to share a document or folder include an option to name co-owner to another user. In this case, shared documents uses up some storage space .


Nuevo permiso




UADrive allows students to have access to the documents that lecturers and administrative staff share with them.

We are working so that students can have their own space available.

In the meantime, UA offers students the possibility to use GCloud and MSCloud platforms,
as a result of some agreements with Google and Microsoft, so that they can have unlimited storage capacity.

For further information on these services, visit External Services.




Use statistics


You will find here a variety of useful data. Especially, you will view what space percentage you have used.

Please note that those materials shared with you as a co-owner do consume part of your storage space.


Estadísticas de uso




Moving teaching materials from the Virtual Campus to UADrive is very easy. The function Importar allows you to move all the materials of one subject (maintaining the same directories it used to have previously) to a folder in UADrive.


  Importar materiales


 Once the import process is performed, you will have a folder available in My space stating the academic year and the subject where the materials come from.


Materiales traspasados desde Campus Virtual


 You will only have to access the folder, select its content and Publish as teaching material in the present academic year.


How does the Sessions tool work?



… If I am a user of Sessions, what happens with the materials linked from there?

If you use 'Sessions' from the Virtual Campus, they will be working the same way. Also, the materials linked from your sessions will be still there and therefore, you do not need to worry about anything.


Can I link any file in UAdrive from a Session?

Every time you upload a file, you need to state if you want to use it in a Session.


  Nuevo archivo


Anyway, you can modify the properties of any file in UADrive at any time so that you can link them from a Session. To do this, you only have to click the right mouse button on the material and click on the edit option. 


  Modificar archivo


A window to allow you to edit/modify a file will be open.


Editar archivo


Then, you will have to activate the Teaching material option in the next screen.


Activar uso para Sesiones



Will I see the files I upload differently from now on in the Sessions?

When you link a document from a Session, all the files you have will be displayed on the list of materials, both the old and those you have uploaded to UAdrive. the latter will be distinguished by a text between bracket stating "UADRIVE".

  Ver materiales en sesiones



Once you have linked it, you will see the same label within your session.


  Ver material dentro de una sesión



Can I modify the material that I have already linked from one session?

Old materials cannot be modified. In this case you should upload the material again and link it from the section of the corresponding session.




UADrive for students




UADrive allows students to have access to the documents that lecturers and administrative staff share with them. 

We are working so that students can have their own space available. 

In the meantime, UA offers students the possibility to use GCloud and MSCloud platforms, 
as a result of some agreements with Google and Microsoft, so that they can have unlimited storage capacity. 

For further information on these services, visit External Services.






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