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After identification, users can configure their options by clicking on the drop-down menu next to their names 

Mi configuración


The following data can be configured in My Options menu:

  • Electronic mail
  • Telephone number
  • Language (Spanish or Valencian)
  • Photo
  • Password management
  • Management of the student info sheet
  • Home address management 
  • Connections

 Mis opciones



General data management


  • Here you can add an e-mail address other than your institutional email.

  • The change of language (Spanish or Valencian) will only be effective in UACloud when you close the current session and open a new session.

  • Although not compulsory, we recommend that users should allow the reception of SMS text messages as it has been proven effective for urgent notices.

Datos generales

Photo management 


1. Click on 'select a new photo' (JPG file).

2. Choose the photo on your PC.

3. Click on 'upload photo'.

4. Frame the photo.

5. The photo will be uploaded when you click on the crop mode button.


Gestión de la foto

Password management


  • We recommend to change your access password periodically.

  • Both uppercase and lowercase alphanumeric characters are recommended (OSI password recommendations).

  • Passwords should contain at least 7 characters.


Gestión de la clave

Who provide a new password when users forget it?

Student info sheet management


  • You can choose which data are visible by your classmates.

  • Your choice will be applied to all your records.


Gestión de mi ficha como estudiante

Postal address management


  • Students can at all times update this information and provide an address other than their home address to receive notifications during the academic year.


Gestión de los domicilios como estudiante


Connections management


Find here information on:

  • The email address used in your connections ( o
  • Date and time of each connection.
  • Place from which the connection was performed (IP address).
  • Applications you have had access.

The information can be listed according to each of these items.


Gestión de conexiones 



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