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Portfolio of Projects

Wallet of Projects YOU

The Wallet of Projects YOU pretends to reach the following aims:

  • Range the strategy of YOU with the global strategy of the organisation.
  • Determine which are the strategic aims more important where invest.
  • Establish the priority of the projects YOU to llevar.
  • Determine the value that provide the YOU to the organisation.

All the relative information to this process, included the term of presentation of applications, can find in the following page of the Vicerrectorado of Campus and Technology.


This application offers distinct options in function of the type of user:

- Office of Projects: it Realises a first analysis and assessment of the projects, estimating the costs.

- Promoters and applicants of projects: they Can present projects and access to the assessment and to the specific follow-up of his projects.

- Rest of PDI and PAS: they Can access in Follow-up >> general Summary to the generic information of the projects.

Wallet of projects 2016

The applicants of projects can be vice-chancellors/ace, directors/ace of secretariat, manager, deans/ace and administrators/ace of centres, directors/ace of services and units and directors/ace of area. Apart from requesting the projects, can realise the specific follow-up of the same.

Description of the project and aims

Description of the project and aims

In this section has to include :

  • Name of the project.
  • Promoter.
  • Description.
  • Profits and strategic aims (at least has to indicate 1). A desplegable facilitates the cumplimentación of the possible profits.
  • Units or services that participate (optional).
  • Data of the applicant (the name and the post are recovered by the application, by what only has to specify the unit).

Justification of the project

Justification of the project

In this section can include :

  • Justification of the project (saving of costs/improves of the quality). Only this point is compulsory.
  • People that would benefit of his implantation.
  • Volumetry. Number of formalities by year.
  • External rule.
  • Internal rule.
  • Terms.
  • Reasons of the terms.

Memory of the project

Memory of the project

The presentation of the memory is compulsory.

In this section can download the model by heart and, once filled, incorporate it to the application.

Milestones of the project

Milestones of the project

In this section can include milestones that mark the advance of the project:

  • Name of the milestone.
  • Description of the milestone.
  • Date of fulfillment of the milestone.

The milestones are not compulsory, but in the case to create any, if that it is precise to indicate the name and the planned date of fulfillment.


The user can access to a listing of the applications that has realised.

If necessary, inside the term established, can modify any application.

A function of research can help to locate a project with greater ease.

Listing of applications

Follow-up >> general Summary

This new application allows to the potential promoters (vice-chancellors/ace, directors/ace of secretariat, manager, deans/ace and administrators/ace of centres, directors/ace of services and units, directors/ace of area) request the projects and realise the follow-up of the same.

The rest of PDI and PAS can access to a general summary of the projects from 2014.

General summary


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