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- Up to now this application allowed to manage announcements directed to the alumnado.

- It incorporates the possibility to publish an announcement headed to an alone person or to a Group of Work.

- This new version is compatible totally with mobiles.

Announcements - Menu

Bulletin board

This option allows to see, ordered chronologically, the announcements that have inserted and those announcements that distinct administrative units have published for you.

To facilitate the gestión of the information, each announcement can be marked like read by the user.

Bulletin board


This option allows to add, modify and delete announcements.

Manage announcements


  • You have of an editor of texts to give format and style.
  • When drafting the announcement contabiliza at all times the number of available characters (taking into account the marks of format). In the case to surpass the margin of 4000 characters, warns and prevents save the announcement.
  • In the announcements created no only can allow that other mates see it, but besides it can give permission so that they modify an announcement .
  • The activation of an announcement can program for a determinate date.
  • Can describe the importance of an announcement with a scale of 1 to 5 .
  • In the relation of groups to assign an announcement, an icon allows to identify easily the groups in which the PDI has teaching.

In an announcement can not attach a document.
The editor incorporates the possibility to establish links to direct to the user to additional information.

  • To modify an announcement Modify announcement
  • To see an announcement Detail announce
  • To erase an announcement Erase announcement

  • Only they can modify own announcements and those in which it concede us permission.
  • If an announcement has caducado can modify his date of caducity so that it go back to be in force.
  • Can allow that other mates see it and besides can give permission so that they modify an announcement.
  • Can delete the announcements that have entered, no the entered by the rest of professors of the asignatura.
  • They can see the announcements that have left to be visible for the alumnado put that his date of caducity has expired (appear with bottom of pink colour). If you wish it you can go back to enable an announcement expanding his date of caducity .

Sight alumnado

It allows to visualise the valid announcements for an asigntura and a determinate group.

Sight alumnado


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