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It allows teachers and students access the tutoring service.

Menú de tutorías

  • It enables students to contact their professors to consult doubts.
  • Teachers can disable this tool if you wish not to receive electronic tutorials.
  • Initiated by the student tutoring can generate a dialogue with successive replies. In each of the questions and answers document can be attached.
  • When a tutorial is developed with multiple interventions, whenever you access mentoring opens directly to the last intervention.
  • To know if you have outstanding tutorials, teachers can activate an alert by email.

In UACloud , the user has access to all of their tutorials.


  • a student is enrolled in various degrees or courses,
  • a teacher at the same time is a student,

... just choose the profile that corresponds to their tutoring


And for the rest of the tutorials

Cambiar perfil

View all

You are available, organized by academic courses and subjects, a list with all the received tutoring.

For ease of reference, the list is paginated and can be sorted by start date, name of the student and State (answered / unanswered).

If tutoring have a question unanswered, from here you can access is, to respond. In the response should be the option to assign a 'default answer' or enclose a document.

Pending tutorials

Teacher access an outstanding tutorial by clicking on the same topic. The response screen offers:

  • Text of mentoring, with an indication of the day and date, and the photo of the student.
  • If there have been questions and answers, the complete conversation is displayed.
    Each of the answers can be turned into a "frequent questions".
  • There is the option to reply with 'Default answer' utility.
  • Text box to write the answer.
  • Ability to attach a document.
  • Where appropriate, the teacher can "Close mentoring".

Ejemplo de tutoría


Predefined replies

You can generate a list of answers to frequent tutorials.

To create a response only predefined it is necessary to indicate a name or description and develop response. Once created it can be modified or deleted.

Respuestas predeterminadas


The tool is active by default, but the teacher can clear this check box if you do not wish to receive electronic tutorials.

This option can be activated email alert service, in which the text of the tutorial can be included.

Configuración de tutorías

Related items and FAQ

  • Is it possible to not find a tutorial pending despite having received a warning? Yes, since students can delete tutoring before receiving the first answer.
  • Where can I include my face-to-face tutoring hours? CV other services >> teaching management >> my file >> schema tutorials
  • To receive notice by email it is necessary to include it in my settings


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