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 Check out our API - Visit our open API to integrate the platform with third-party applications.

 SmartUA aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve the quality of life of the university community.
  • Serve as an interconnection between people and systems to achieve a greater use of resources.
  • Locate and display, in a simple way, all the information generated.
  • Make this information available to the community.



Nuevas opciones - Cuadro de mando

This application gives access to several tools:

  • Maps: Location of the university services and signposting.
  • Analytics: Graphical representation of data evolution.
  • Control panel: For monitoring a large amount of sensors from custom widgets.


Pantalla de bienvenida








Mapas wifi


 Several filter option are included in  Maps:

  • Search: opens the search panel that allows us to filter the displayed data.
  • Time and date of the current representation.
  • Total active Wi-Fi access points and maximum number of connections registered in a certain access point.



  • Botones Smart menos y más Sensitivity control: increases or decreases the intensity of the colour displaying the concentration of points.
  • Botones Smart menos y más Radio Control: Increases or decreases the radius mark colour at each point.


  • Control Displays or hides the location of access points.
  • Puntos Change the colour of map representation.
  • Imagen Change the colour of map representation.
  • Reset AYUDA_TX_27


When you perform a search, the following options are offered:

Opciones de búsqueda


  • Real time: Provides an updated snapshot of the latest available data collection (if you uncheck this option, all other fields are activated).
  • Start date: Sets the date and time of the snapshot or the time-lapse start.
  • Time-lapse: Generates a representation sequence between two dates and activates a panel for playback control.



  • Finish date: Sets the end date and time for the interval representation sequence.
  • Period: You can choose from three options:
    - snapshot (shows stored data in DB every 15 minutes), 
    - hours (shows calculated average every hour), 
    - and 4 hours (shows calculated average every 4 hours).







The analytics allow us to perform the following actions on them:

  • Search: Open the search panel to filter results by date, building, floor and access point. Being able to choose between a periodicity of 15 minutes (instantaneous) or the average values every one or four hours:


Buscar gráficos



Line chart


Analítica wifi


Bar chart


Gráfico de barras

Radar chart


Diagrama radar



The analytics allow us to perform the following actions on them:


  • Show or hide access point data directly on the results of a previous search:


Analítica inal


  • View the number of users connected to each access point at a specific time by hovering the mouse pointer over it:



 Detalles analítica



Time-lapse selector bar.







Control panel


The control panel allows you to view and track the data provided by the IoT infrastructure from custom widgets.


Cuadro de Mando





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